SNL Weekly Review: May 13 by Dylan Zsigray ’18

SNL Weekly Review: May 13 by Dylan Zsigray 18

Hello! Wow, it has felt like an eternity since I last wrote one of these reviews.  As you already know, I have not posted a review for the past couple of episodes.  This is primarily due to my schedule at school, which was a little hectic but has been getting back to normal as of this week.  Saturday Night Live is nearing the end of its 42nd season.  This past weekend, Melissa McCarthy returned to the SNL stage to host for her fifth time before the season finale next weekend. Some critics thought that McCarthy’s episode was one of the best of the season.  I thought that her episode was solid, but it was still flawed, possibly because everyone is getting a tad tired and ready for summer break to come around.  Since I missed reviewing both Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pine’s episodes, I’ve included some of my thoughts in this review.  Think of this weekend’s review as a “Mega-Review!”

FLASHBACK: Jimmy Fallon’s Episode (April 15, 2017)

Best Sketch – “Basketball Scene”: I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch Jimmy Fallon and Mikey Day throw up horrible basketball shots that ruin a film over and over again.  Seriously, this sketch worked and it was incredibly funny.

Worst Sketch – “Sully and Denise”: Oh good ol’ Sully and Denise—a recurring duo from the nineties who came back and appeared in a sketch that was super discombobulating and not funny at all.  Luckily it was one of the last sketches of the episode so by then we were all half-asleep.

Honorable Mention – “Easter Message from Sean Spicer”: Each time that the writers have brought back McCarthy to play Sean Spicer, the quality of the sketch has gone down.  I have yet to see one of the sketches surpass that of the first time that McCarthy ever performed the character.  But, Sean Spicer dressed in an Easter Bunny costume really seals the deal for me.

FLASHBACK: Chris Pine’s Episode (May 6, 2017)

I will not even rate the sketches from this episode since they were all terrible.  Seriously, I found myself fast-forwarding through each sketch and had to stop watching the episode because I could not stand it anymore.  I think that Chris Pine hosted the worst show that I have seen all season.

Now, let’s transition into this past weekend’s episode.

“SUPERSTAR!” (The Best Sketch of the Night)

“Lester Holt Cold Open”: The fact that Michael Che was able to stay straight-faced throughout this entire sketch while listening to the nonsense that Alec Baldwin, who was portraying Donald Trump, is commendable.  Che’s line of “nothing matters anymore” basically summarizes how we are all feeling, regardless of which side of the aisle someone is.  Washington is a mess and this past week was super tiring and hard to understand since there was no straight answer given from anyone in the White House.  But, if Alec Baldwin has anything to say about it, Trump has some underlying reason for everything that he has done.

“I gotta have more cowbell!” (Good Sketches)

“Amazon Echo”: This was one of those sketches that caused me to recall similar instances with my grandparents and their use of technology.  Technology and senior citizens do not really mesh like it does with millennials or teenagers, so seeing SNL’s take on this situation was very funny.  I especially enjoyed the “uh huh” part where the Echo listens to your conversation and how the machine responds to any name that is somewhat close to its manufactured name.

“Game Show”: There was absolutely no purpose whatsoever to this sketch except to have an avenue for McCarthy to get pied over and over again but that did not matter.  I could not stop laughing.  I honestly believe that McCarthy was surprised each time the pie was released, which added to her character being that much more fun to watch.  Plus, McCarthy’s outfit was hilarious and when she got her cleaning I literally was on the verge of tears from laughing so much.

“Melissa McCarthy Monologue”: I absolutely loved this monologue.  It was my second favorite one from the whole season, behind Dave Chappelle’s monologue (which was one of my favorites of all time).   What a surprise for that mother in the audience! McCarthy was super heartfelt and fun and it set a fun and hearty tone for the rest of the episode.  I really, really like this.  

“Sean Spicer Returns”: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: each time the writers bring back McCarthy as Sean Spicer, the quality of the sketch goes down.  Honestly, nothing can top the first time that McCarthy portrayed Spicer back a couple months ago.  But, this past weekend’s edition was pretty solid.  The highlight of the sketch for me was when Spicer was hiding in the bushes and when he ripped the load-bearing pole out of the ceiling.  I do wish that the writers would have done something more, perhaps funnier, with Spicer driving his podium-segway throughout the streets of NYC, especially since that part of the sketch was so hyped-up throughout the week.

“Well, isn’t that special” (Hit or Miss Sketches)

“Weekend Update”: Throughout most of this season, Weekend Update has been very solid.  Colin Jost and Che have had very good chemistry and have exchanged funny banter, which made the segment each week watchable.  However, I assume that since the end of the season is near, both Jost and Che are getting tired.  This past weekend’s Weekend Update was a tad underwhelming.  The jokes were funny, but the characters that were welcomed to the newsdesk: Pete Davidson and Cathy Anne, were awkward.  

“Buh-bye” (Bad Sketches)

“Film Panel”: I don’t understand why the writers continue to bring back Kate McKinnon’s Debette Goldry character.  Look, this character was funny when it first appeared in a sketch, but now, it’s getting bland.  Plus, the writing in this sketch was awful, which made it very hard to sit through.  I also despised the character interactions between McKinnon and McCarthy’s characters.  Their chemistry was way off.  

“First Birthday”: In case you were wondering, it is not necessary to pick out an animal to represent you when you reach adulthood.  Okay? Great, so now you do not have to watch this pointless sketch that was terribly written that I fast-forwarded through.

Kyle and Leslie”: The faux relationship that Kyle and Leslie have is not funny.  I don’t care how many times the writers choose this type of sketch, I am never going to jump on this bandwagon.

“Production Logo”: This was an awful sketch.  It was placed in the line-up to eat up time at the end of the show, which gave the writers an excuse to not write a good sketch and the actors to not even try.  The sketch was super discombobulating and odd to watch.  I also fast-forwarded through this one.

The season finale of SNL will be on Saturday, May 20, when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to host.  Then, we wait until Season 43!

Dylan’s Ranking of the Episodes:

  1. Dave Chappelle
  2. Emma Stone
  3. Tom Hanks
  4. Scarlett Johansson
  5. Kristen Stewart
  6. Kristen Wiig
  7. Melissa McCarthy
  8. Jimmy Fallon
  9. Aziz Ansari
  10. Lin-Manuel Miranda
  11. Casey Affleck
  12. Louis C.K.
  13. Alec Baldwin
  14. Margot Robbie
  15. Octavia Spencer
  16. Felicity Jones
  17. John Cena
  18. Benedict Cumberbatch
  19. Emily Blunt
  20. Chris Pine