Fantasy Football Insider: Weeks 3 & 4 by Danny Moran ’18

Fantasy Football Insider: Weeks 3 & 4 by Danny Moran 18

Week Three Review: Week 3 was a big recovery from last week’s performances because there were a lot more receivers and running backs who racked in a surplus of points.

Qb:  In his first season as a starter, Trevor Siemian came out on top of the quarterbacks for Week 3. He seems to be fitting in with this offense and is getting used to his weapons on the ends of the field. He threw for 312 yards and passed 4 touchdowns in his victory over AFC North contenders, the Cincinnati Bengals. He used his WR2 option quite frequently and that was evident in Emmanuel Sanders’ 9 receptions, 117 receiving yards, and 2 touchdowns earning himself 23 fantasy points.  Aaron Rodgers also passed into the endzone four times in his interdivision victory over the Detroit Lions. Both starting quarterbacks came out with 26 points, Stafford with 385 yards and 3 touchdowns, and Rodgers with 205 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Rb: Crazy situation in Atlanta where they had two superstar running backs in Week 3, Tevin Coleman AND Devonta Freeman both earned 26 points as running backs. Tevin Coleman rushed for 42 yards from 12 attempts, 3 of those attempts were rushing touchdowns. Devonta Freeman had two more attempts but rushed for 152 yards instead, and along with that was a receiving touchdown. LeGarrette Blount has kept up his phenomenal performances with 22 more points to add to his 51 point total over three weeks. David Johnson is leading the running backs as of now with 53 points total thanks to his latest 22 point performance.

Wr: Marvin Jones of the Detroit Lions decided to outscore everyone in the league except the Chiefs Defense with 32 points. He had a higher total in week one than all receivers had in the first three weeks with exception to the top 18 receivers currently. 205 of Matt Stafford’s 385 yards targeted Jones. He also had two touchdowns in the Lion’s loss. Terrelle Pryor also stunned Fantasy Team Managers as he had passing yards, rushing yards, AND receiving yards in the Brown’s overtime loss to the Miami Dolphins. He had 144 receiving yards, 35 passing yards, and 21 rushing yards with a rushing touchdown. His efforts were not enough for Cody Parkey’s THREE field goal misses.

Week Four Preview: Week four will feature a lot of lopsided matchups, which should result in the higher win-percentage team’s players coming up with a lot of fantasy points.

ESPN Projections:

Top 10 Qbs Top 10 Rbs Top 10 Wrs Top 10 Tes Top 10 Ks Top 10 D/st
1. Newton 20 1. D. Johnson 15 1. A. Brown 15 1. Gronk 10 1. Walsh 9 1. Hou 10
2. Brees 18 2. L. Miller 14 2. J. Jones 14 2. Olsen 8 2. Tucker 9 2. Ind 9
3. Rivers 18 3. L. Bell 14 3. Beckham 12 3. Kelce 8 3. Vinatieri 9 3. Ari 9
4. Cousins 17 4. C. J. Anderson 13 4. D. Hopkins 12 4. J. Reed 8 4. Novak 8 4. Cin 8
5. Luck 17 5. Forte 12 5. A. Robinson 12 5. H. Henry 7 5. Gostkowski 8 5. TB 8
6. Roeth 17 6. L. McCoy 12 6. M. Evans 11 6. D. Walker 7 6. D. Hopkins 8 6. Buf 8
7. Smith 17 7. Ingram 12 7. Jeffery 11 7.J. Thomas 7 7. Boswell 8 7. Was 8
8. Palmer 16 8. Elliott 11 8. M. Jones 11 8. D. Allen 6 8. Catanzaro 8 8. Det 7
9. Taylor 16 9. Blount 11 9. A.J. Green 11 9. Graham 6 9.Lambo 8 9. NE 7
10. Wilson 16 10. Gurley 11 10. Fitzgerald 10 10. Fleener 6 10. M. Bryant 8 10. Car 7

Who I like:

Joe Flacco: Flacco has thrived this season thus far leading his team to 3-0 although some people may say it’s the defense that has been carrying the team. Flacco takes on the worst passing defense this Sunday and should thrive with his new and old weapons in the front and backfield. Perriman, Wallace, and Aiken are all WR1 quality and are the key components to Flacco’s success.

Melvin Gordon: Gordon has done nothing but put a smile on Fantasy Team Manager’s faces with his performances thus far. All games have resulted in double-digit fantasy points and this week he takes on the worst rushing defense. Gordon should continue to thrive against the Saints this weekend as long as his attempts stay high.

Greg Olsen: This week will be a rare occurrence of a tight end making the “Who I Like” list. Olsen has succeeded against defenses who are small and play zone coverage most times this season so far. Another team whose defense fits under this scenario is the Atlanta Falcons, the team Olsen and the Panthers are opposing this week. As long as Olsen gets the amount of catches he normally does, he will succeed in week 4.

Who I don’t like:

Drew Brees and his 0-3 Saints take on the 1-2 San Diego Chargers in week four. Most people are thinking of this game as a toss up because of the similar team’s veteran quarterbacks and young receivers. This week I think Drew Brees will discontinue his streak of big numbers in his matchup against Philip  Rivers and his loud home crowd.

Odell Beckham and his Giants team will continue to help the Minnesota Vikings remain undefeated in week four this season. Odell Beckham had his temper flaring when he faced his career rival, Josh Norman. Minnesota’s defense has been a wild surprise of strength this year in the nfl and will continue to thrive against New York’s offensive play-making capabilities.

Isaiah Crowell is the second leading rusher currently behind LeGarrette Blount but will fall further down the list following this upcoming week. He has had a great first 3 weeks especially when he was predicted to be beat out by the second year player Duke Johnson Jr. He looks nothing like last year as his yards per carry has improved and because of that, his attempts have grown in numbers. However, Washington’s powerful defensive line will overpower Crowell and his great stats.

Free Agent Sleepers:

Marquise Goodwin is the fastest man in the NFL, yet sits behind Sammy Watkins in the Buffalo Bills depth chart. He had one long touchdown in week two and showed off his speed, providing security for Fantasy owners. But the player faded when in two of the other weeks he had 0 points. If Goodwin is a free agent in your league currently, picking him up for a flex option this week may be smart due to Sammy Watkins injury.

Another person you should pick up, if not already, is Jordan howard. He sat behind Jeremy Langford in the running back position and is stepping up to the plate for week four against Detroit. Jeremy Langford got injured this past week and howard is next in line, while splitting carries. Even though he is splitting carries, he is projected 20 points in ESPN’s Fantasy League.