Top Haunted Houses in the Area

Halloween is just around the corner, which means costumes, candy, horror movies, and of course, season 5 of The Walking Dead. It’s also the time of year when haunted houses and haunted attractions are at their peak. And with so many in the Cleveland area, it can be hard to choose a single one that is the right blend of both fun and frightening. So to help make that decision just a little easier, here are some snapshot reviews of 3 haunted attractions in the area.

Bloodview-Broadview Heights OH

Bloodview has a lot of things going for it. The areas are creepy and eerie, the theme changes weekly to maintain a fresh feel, and the actors (who interact marvelously with customers) are even allowed to touch the patrons, which makes for an even scarier experience. The main issue here, however, is the length. The whole attraction can be completed in about 15-20 minutes. While you are permitted to go through as many times as you want, the fear factor drops dramatically after the first walk-through.

The Fear Experience-Parma OH

After visiting The Fear Experience, only 1 word comes to mind:  WOW! The actors are great and interactive. The atmosphere is chilling and sinister. The attraction is completely indoors, eliminating worry about the state of the weather. The Fear Experience’s real strength though, lies in its 4 distinct haunted houses. Each is unique and gorgeously rendered. This is complemented brilliantly with the special effects, such as strobe lights and fog. The Centralia County Fair area was a personal favorite and one of the most beautifully horrific haunted houses I have ever seen. It’s no wonder The Fear Experience was rated the #1 haunted house in Ohio by Just be sure to get there early or on a Sunday, as lines get long late at night, and sometimes extend out the door.

7 Floors of Hell-Middleburg Heights OH

7 Floors (now known as World of Nightmares due to the addition of 3 houses) is one of the most well-known haunted attractions in Northeastern Ohio; it definitely deserves its place among the best haunted houses in the nation. Not only are most of the houses spooky and unnerving (though I did find 2 weak and forgettable), but they also provide the best deal on this list. For $25 you get to go through 10 different areas. The actors are stellar, although they could benefit from interacting with the patrons a little more. But this is only a minute problem in an otherwise fun and terrifying experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for an all-rounded haunted house experience.