Louisiana Governor Sues U.S. Government over Common Core


Zac Gauvin ‘17
Last week, republican governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana declared that he was suing  the United States government over Common Core education standards.   He has been highly involved in the education reforms, and feels that the Common Core standard of learning is, “stripping away states rights” and “putting Washington D.C. in charge of everything”.  Common Core standards are standards for education that make it easy for the government to compare students, and they are actually being used in SEHS starting this 2014-2015 school year.
Jindal accuses the Obama Administration of waving 4.3 billion dollars worth of grants in front of schools to get them to adopt the Common Core standards. Jindal also says that these standards are unconstitutional as (according to him) they violate the clause in the Constitution and federal laws that prohibits national control of education content. Jindal was quickly reprimanded by Common Core supporters because he is playing politics in court. Additionally, Jindal is also a 2016 candidate for presidency so many claim that he is suing the government to strengthen his campaign.
Jindal’s argument has some significant holes and lacks a strong backbone, but you might feel differently if you read these sources and (if you’re interested) read more on the topic yourself!