Penny War Not Even a Battle


A picture of the senior jar… Not even a quarter of the way filled with coins

Joseph Unger ’15
Last year over $2,000 were raised in the annual penny war between classes for the SEHS sister school in Haiti.  However, under $300 has been collected for the fundraiser this year with just under two days left. (For those who don’t know, the penny war is a fundraiser in which four jars are set up (one for each class) and students try to fill it with change which increases the amount in their jar and paper money in other jars which counteracts the coins) This insignificant amount of charity compared to last year left The Edsman wondering what’s changed since then and how it affects the Penny War’s efforts.  
Could there be a general apathy towards giving money?  Was there a lack of advertising?  To find out, we met with Mr. Haggerty, who is in charge of organizing the fundraiser with Mr. Kubrak. He says that “I like to think our guys care, and I think it may be because its hard to donate money to a group such as our sister school in Haiti because there is no direct connection.”  He went on to explain how the success of the Clips for Cancer program stemmed from the direct connection St. Edward students have to the Orbany family.
​Another possible reason for the lack of donations this year could be the fact that there was little space between this fundraiser and Clips for Cancer, causing students to not want to immediately give more money again.  Regardless, there is one day left in the Penny War and it’s time for students to step up.  If everyone in the school gives at least two dollars at this point, we can match last year’s record of around $2,000.
​However, there will be other chances to donate to our sister school in Haiti.  Consider signing up for Eagles on Foot after spring break to have another chance to support this great cause.