Eagles Teaming Up to Revive the Journalism Field


Corey Mueller `14
Ryan Milowicki `12, son of librarian Mrs. Milowicki, is currently a sophomore at Northwestern University studying journalism. He is at the Medill School of Journalism, one of the most prestigious journalism programs in the country, focusing on film and music media. Ryan began his own website in December of 2013, and aptly named it “Wickipedia,” which can be found here. He now posts weekly analysis of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, as well as reviews of newly released movies. An extremely talented writer and analyst, Ryan accurately predicted over 70% of this year’s Oscar Nominations and recalled the top 101 songs of 2013 with great evaluations. Ryan says he hopes to turn his passion for film and music into a career as an Arts & Entertainment columnist for a major newspaper.
Recently, I got in touch with Ryan about his website, looking to expand the scope of the blog. As a future student at Northwestern, I also plan to study journalism, specifically sports journalism and broadcasting. Being the hospitable Edsman he is, and former Man of the Year, Ryan welcomed me onto his staff with open arms, allowing me to head the Sports section of the site. That portion can be found here, for those of you interested in Corey’s Sunday Sports Column.
The site is expanding quickly, reaching over 1,000 views this past week, and two more writers are joining the staff this weekend. It’s an awesome thing to be teaming up with a former Edsman to analyze and write articles, with both of us pursuing careers in the journalism field. It’s been an honor to write for Ryan and his blog, and to see the website grow and evolve. Expect to see more Billboard analysis, movie reviews, and Sunday Sports Columns, as well as a special look at all 30 clubhouses in anticipation of the upcoming MLB season, and thank you all for reading!
Be sure to check us out at milowickipedia.wordpress.com, please and thank you again!