Students Invest in the Stock Market Challenge

Adam Jones ’14
A small group of students, led by Mr. Lazos, chose to participate in the “Capitol Hill Stock Market Game Challenge.” The students are given $100,000  to invest  in various stocks and funds with the goal of making the most money by the end of the competition. The three students that are involved look closely at their investments and decide as a group what type of industries they wish to invest in. A good balance of high risk and low risk investments results in the best portfolios, but some winners earn their profits based completely on betting on a small stock for big gains. The competition culminates in May, and winners are invited to come to Washington D.C. The simulation is based entirely on the actual progress of stocks in the NYSE and is ranked against the S&P 500. With the competition just starting, there is little to report, but look for updates to see how the team is doing!