Make Your Winter "Brite"


brite winter

Jonathan Poilpre ’15
Brite Winter is an outdoor, winter art and music festival in Cleveland, Ohio. The festival is a free event which is all about having fun and celebrating winter, rather than tolerating it. The fifth annual Brite Winter Festival continues to flourish in the Ohio City’s Market District by lighting up all of its awesomeness. The addition of new musicians, artists, sponsors, and partners will help create the best Brite Winter yet. Expect more music, art, games, and activities than ever before. There are over 70 bands playing, many of them local to Cleveland, Ohio. Many of them even local to St. Edward; Mr. Kuhar’s band The Commonwealth goes on at 10 at the Loren Naji Gallery. Some more joyful noise will be created by The Lighthouse and the Whaler and Air Traffic Controler. A Brite fest employee described it as, “set up similar to other emerging music festivals like SXSW in Austin and CMJ in New York…but Cleveland’s version is outside in the winter and free.”A link to the line-up for the night can be found here. More info about the night can be found there—>______.