Pull! United Clevelanders in Physical Activity

Jon Poilpre ‘15
Starting on June 7th and extending until June 9th, Clevelanders will have the opportunity to participate in an avant-garde type of performance art that will unite the city together behind a common task: manually hauling an 8-ton truck. SPACES, an experimental art venue on Cleveland’s West side, is hosting Pull!,  a project by internationally-renowned visual and performance artist William Pope.L.
Pope.L has exhibited works in New York, London, and Tokyo. An earlier work of Pope.L’s was ATM Piece during 1997 in New York City, where he tied himself to the door of a midtown Manhattan bank using an eight foot long Italian sausage. He was also clothed only with a skirt made of dollar bills.
Pull! will consist of a large truck being pulled by Clevelanders from the East side to the West side. On the back of the truck will be a screen that will be showing images submitted by Clevelanders, centering on the theme “What does work mean to you?” The massive group effort will total 72 hours, traveling over 35 miles, and enlisting the help of over 400 volunteers to move the vehicle.
To sign up to pull the truck or to submit photos, visit http://www.spacesgallery.org/project/pull.
SPACES Gallery: 2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113
Hours: Tu – Su: 12 – 5 p.m.   Th: Open until 8 p.m.   Closed Monday