#9 I'll Be Home for Christmas


Cover of "I'll Be Home for Christmas"
Cover of I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Joseph Unger ’15
For number 9 on our list, we chose a movie from the late 1990’s, an era in which Disney’s special films were actually funny and meaningful for more than just 9 year olds. This pastime is seen in I’ll Be Home for Christmas.
I’ll Be Home for Christmas, made in 1998, stars Jonathan Taylor Tomas (Home Improvement) as Jake, who is trying to make his way home to New York for Christmas from college in Nevada.  However, after being dropped off in the desert in a Santa suit by Eddie, a college student who is attempting to steal his girlfriend, Jake must find a new way back home.  The movie follows Jake’s misadventures across America as he tries to make his way back home in order to receive his Dad’s Porsche, while also trying to make it back home in time for the family’s Christmas Eve dinner.
Despite its mediocre ratings on aggregate review sites such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, I’ll Be Home for Christmas made it into our top 10 due to the fact that it is a wholesome and original Christmas comedy that is enjoyable for a wide range of ages, from young kids who want something fun to older adults who can appreciate the film’s deeper meanings.  Due to its ability to mix together subtle teenage and adult humor while still being able to be enjoyed by kids, this movie will keep you laughing and does not fall short in providing a meaningful message to go along with the Christmas. That’s why it deserves to be number 9 on our list.