#15 The Santa Clause


The_Santa_ClauseAnthony Raffin ’15
Rarely does a Christmas movie stand out in such a unique way that people make it a tradition to watch every year. Disney’s The Santa Clause is a perfect example of the Christmas movie that melted your heart and your hot chocolate.
The movie plot revolves around Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) a divorced father, whose son (Charlie) on Christmas Eve. The problem starts for Scott when Santa falls off his roofs and disappears leaving Scott the job of Santa Claus. Scott is hesitant at first but then puts on the red coat and finishes delivering presents to the rest of the world, and visiting the North Pole. The next morning Scott awakens to believe what had happened what was a dream, but Charlie remembers the events as they actually happened. Scott’s ex-wife, Laura (Wendy Crewson) and her second husband, Neal, who is a child psychiatrist, soon enter the plot.
As the year goes on, Scott receives everything from the “Naughty and Nice List,” to a full white beard that never seems to be shaved off and an extra couple of pounds around his midsection. Throughout the year, Charlie is shown to be excited about Scott being Santa, yet this worries Neal, who believes Scott to be delusional. Laura and Neal officially take viewing rights from Scott before the Holidays. Scott is then left to figure it all out while delivering presents on Christmas Night.
The Santa Clause is one of the most heartwarming Christmas movies ever made by a children’s company. The movie contains sly adult jokes that go right over the kid’s heads only to hit the parents sitting right behind them. The movie does lack in specific details and overall common sense when it comes to the people around Scott. I mean, really? Scott’s doctor isn’t that all concerned he put on fifty extra pounds or so? Or that he has a developing appetite for sweets and milk? Either way this is a great movie to sit down with the family and take the time to watch.