Flawed System May Leave Undefeated Ohio State Out of National Title Game


Sean Powers ’15
Undefeated (11-0) Ohio State, the 3rd ranked team in the nation and one of the 5 remaining teams without a loss, is competing for the opportunity to play in the national championship game. It is good to note that Fresno State and Northern Illinois are not considered to be in contention for the national champioship. As it stands right now, Alabama (11-0) and Florida State (11-0) are the number one and number two teams in the nation respectively. If the season ends ideally for the top three teams there will be three undefeated. The only problem is there are only two spots available for the national championship game. This is not the first time there has been more than two undefeated teams to finish the season but this year may be the most notable and disputed year with the new 4 team playoff system coming into play. With this in the back of the minds of college coaches, the season is looking to end in a dispute where one team could be punished by losing the opportunity to play in the national championship game. Ohio State appears to be that team at the moment and this has fans and the team both angered by the current system. A new four team playoff brings the opportunity to solve the current faults in the BCS, but is it a permanent fix? There will always be dispute and anger in sports but this year may leave one team out of the championship and one fan base irritated as their team may play in a bowl with far less importance.