St. Edward High School Regular Season Wrap Up


Ryan Ashdown ’16

After a great win against Cincinnati Moeller, the Eagle football team is entered week 10 with a record of 7-1 and currently is leading the Region in computer points. Yesterday, they took on Eastern Christian Academy at the University of Pennsylvania on Saturday at 2 P.M. The game was another tough matchup on the eagles schedule. But the real question is: Who is Eastern Christian Academy?

Eastern Christian Academy is an online school that was started in 2012 by David Sills, a Maryland construction executive. There are about 50 players on the football team, and 54 students in the entire school.  The Honey Badgers come with a ton of talent. Their quarterback is David Sills V, who verbally committed to USC in seventh grade. Many other players have Division 1 offers, and the Honey Badgers also enter this week’s game 7-1. A key win this year for ECA was against St. Ignatius. With a 4th down 14 yard scramble late in the 4th quarter that set up a score for ECA, they went on to beat the Wildcats 32-29. The Honey Badgers play a 13 game schedule, with only 1 local game. They will challenged the Eagles, but a hard week of practice has the St. Edward Football team feeling confident. After a hard fought game, the Eagles won 41-40.  Next weekend, the regional quarterfinal games will be played and who the eagles face is yet to be announced, but you can check for when it is.