Eagles Beat Wildcats in Soccer District Championship Thriller


Adam Jankowski ’15
The Eagles went down the road to St. Ignatius to take on the Wildcats for the OHSAA district final.  The game lived up to the hype, as there was much excitement.
Before the game started, the atmosphere around the pitch was intense.  From the fans to the players, it was obvious that everyone was locked in for a good show.
Right from the beginning, the game did not disappoint.  The Eagles took the kickoff and went down to the box and got fouled in the first seventeen seconds of the game.  Braden Davies lined it up and found the back of the net and the Eagles quickly gained a 1-0 advantage.  The “No Goal Patrol” played valiant defense for the entire first half, enabling the Eagles to take the one goal lead into the locker room at halftime.  soccer eds iggy
As the second half started, the Eagle defense picked up where it left off.  The Wildcats had a hard time even getting into Eagle territory.  But, with 15:35 left in the second half, the Wildcats found a seam in the Eagles scheme and found the back of the net.  With the score tied at 1-1 at the end of regulation, and the game headed into overtime.
As the game headed into its first half of overtime, a cold rain started to fall.  With the “Golden Goal” rule in play, the first one to hit the back of the net would prevail.  As the student sections for both schools started to get more into it, the players gave them the game of a lifetime.  With the ball going all around the pitch and key saves by both goalies, the score remained tied at the end of the first 15 minute overtime.
In the second overtime, the Eagles had multiple chances at the Golden Goal, but were unable to capitalize.  With an attack led by Braden Davies, Patrick Darby, and Timmy Jonas, the Eagles had four shots on goal in the second overtime, including a ball that hit the post, but could not convert.  The Wildcat offense was never able to get anything going in the second overtime, so this game was headed to penalty kicks.
With both student sections closing in on the goals, you could feel the nervous excitement of the fans and players begin to swell.  This game was going to be determined by the next ten kicks, with the winner moving on the state regional semifinal.  Each team missed their first kick, with great goalkeeping from Senior Nate Brown.  In the second round, the goalies from both sides made extraordinary saves, keeping the penalty kicks tied at 0-0.  In the next round, the Wildcats punched it in but the Eagles responded — Senior Braden Davies connected with the back of the net to tie it up at 1-1.  In the next round, Patrick Darby hit to keep the penalty kicks tied.  In the fifth round, the Wildcats kicked one past Nate Brown but it hit the crossbar and just missed.  With the final penalty kick and the opportunity to put the game away, it was up to Timmy Jonas.   Jonas was able to net the ball, and win the game!
With that clutch goal, the Eagles ended the Wildcat’s season the same way they did last year: beating St. Ignatius in penalty kicks and Timmy Jonas closing the deal for the Eagles.
With this victory, the Eagles capture the 2013 District Championship, and move on to the Regional semifinals against Mentor High School.  The game will be at Revere High School in Richfield, on October 30, 2013.  Make sure you come out to support your Eagles as they continue their journey to Columbus.