Browns at Packers Week 7


Frank Geib ’15
The Cleveland Browns looked like the Cleveland Browns we all have come to know; a lackluster team that has horrible quarterback play week in and week out. Brandon Weeden was awful once again and in his four starts this season the Browns are 0-4. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers dominated 31-13 and the Browns are now 3-4 on the season.
Many fans may be upset at the loss but the Packers were obviously the better team. However, it is the way in which we lost that should upset fans. Our defense, for the most part played solid except for some 4th quarter scores that really did not seem to affect the outcome. On the other hand, our offense was non-existent the entire game. As a whole we barely eclipsed 200 yards of total offense. Our one and only touchdown was due to a magnificent kick return by Travis Benjamin that put Weeden in the red zone where he found Jordan Cameron for a 6 yd TD. This was really the only bright spot for Weeden all day.
Weeden has become the butt of jokes in Cleveland over the past couple weeks. It is very clear that the fanbase wants him out of the starting job immediately. One great example came when a fan put an ad on Craiglist for the Cleveland Browns Quarterback job. The advertisement stated “We will take ANYONE!” to replace the poor performances we have seen from Weeden this year. Another joke came on twitter showing a video game controller that was called the “Brandon Weeden Controller”

 browns controller

As you can see Weeden is well known for messing up in a variety of ways. Though these are just jokes, there is serious concern at that position. The Browns are basically throwing this season away with Weeden starting. However, we have no alternative that can step up now the Brian Hoyer is hurt. The front office has no faith in Jason Campbell though fans would love to see him get a shot just to see a new face behind center.
With whoever at quarterback, barring a great turnaround, the Browns will miss the playoffs. They are just hitting the brunt of their schedule as they play the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs next week. This is turning into another season of progress for the Browns as they still have no answer at the most important position in the game, quarterback.