St. Edward Fall Rowing Continues a Strong Second Year


Chris Sekerak ’16

This fall the St. Edward Rowing Team has continued last year’s success and has continued to build a name for itself in the world of rowing.  As Head Coach, Matthew Previts states, “In it’s first season competing at the varsity level, our squad is racing crews that have 2-3 years more experience.  Our rowers have faced that challenge head on and held their own, even medaling in a few races.  The novice crew has followed the lead of last year’s crew and won or medaled in every race save one.  We’re excited to add another 15-16 novice oarsmen to the winter training and spring team.”  With three regattas down and just one more (the Blake Haxton Fall Invitational) to go the team is looking to finish off their season with great success.

On September 21st the season started with the Head of the Cuyahoga in Cleveland.  Despite the morning rain and the shortening of the race course in half to 2,500 meters (courtesy of two freighters) the team managed to produce results with a total of three boats earning medals. The following week in Toledo on September 28th, a very exciting and big moment in the program’s history occurred with the christening of the first official St. Edward Rowing shell the St. Andre.  Only a few hours after the christening of the St. Andre the Novice 4 took it out for it’s first race and won gold.  This represented the spirit of the day as a total of five boats brought home medals.  The following Saturday on October 5th, the team traveled across state lines to Pittsburgh for the Head of the Ohio.  This is the second year that St. Edward has made an appearance at the Head of the Ohio which makes for two consecutive years of success.  The team finished their three week stretch at Pittsburgh with two boats earning medals.

In all, the fall rowing season has shown to be an exciting one for the St. Edward Rowing Team as it is the first season where both a novice and varsity crew are representing St. Edward High School.  The novice crew has experienced tremendous results and continued to dominated their field by earning medals in almost all of their races.  Additionally the first varsity crew has, while racing crews 2-3 more years experienced then themselves, managed to finish mostly towards the top of the pack and even continue to medal in races.  Both the novice and varsity crews have shown to continue the trend from the year before of medaling in races.  The team will finish out the fall season on October 26th with the Blake Haxton Fall Invitational in Columbus.  From there they will move into winter training to strengthen in both skill and numbers in preparation for the spring season.