SEHS Robotics Team Spreads the Word


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Jonathan Unger ’14

On the weekend of September 13th, the SEHS Robotics Team showed how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEAM) can be fun and engaging by running a booth at the Our Lady of Angels’ annual summer fair. This was the Team’s second year spreading the word about SEHS Robotics at the festival, and for the price of 50 cents, fairgoers of all ages captivated by science and technology were able to test their aim with one of the Team’s two t-shirt cannons as they endeavored to launch foam missiles at any of three targets on a wooden backboard. The t-shirt cannons were constructed entirely by the Robotics Team’s young engineers, the backboard was painted by St. Joseph Academy senior Liz Millar ’14, and the missiles were constructed of pool noodle segments with duct-taped wrapped around one end and tail fins cut into the other. If a fairgoer hit one of the targets with the missile, they won a prize. However, they received greater rewards if they hit the target around which the green LED lights flashed.

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“My favorite part was being able to share what we do in robotics with other people, and give them a chance to get to know more about our robots and our projects” says Kevin Renner ’14. The SEHS Robotics Team and Engineering program are growing fast, and the young engineers both spread the word about what is cooking in the lower level of the Lowe Center, and helped give fairgoers a fun afternoon. The Team hopes to return to the festival next year as well. For more information on SEHS Robotics, visit the Team’s website at