Fall Out Boy Returns to the Music Scene

Best Songs: The Mighty Fall, The Phoenix, Alone Together, Save Rock and Roll
Edsman Grade: B+
Photo Courtesy of cdn.idolator.com
Bobby Kaleel ’15
They’re back! Fall Out Boy has come out with their fifth album, Save Rock and Roll. Many fans were eager to hear Fall Out Boy again, because they haven’t released a song in five years. The five year break was due to a collective decision for all band members to go their separate ways. After they released the album Folie á Deux, the band needed a break, with a strong promise they would get back together. Only two band members were heard of between 2008 and 2013, the lead singer Patrick Stump, and the bassist Pete Wentz who did a couple of side projects. Five years later they storm back in the spotlight picking right back up, where they left off.
Many fans wanted the more dark alternative rock that they were used to from past Fall Out Boy, but the band came back with an almost different kind of sound. On the track “The Mighty Fall”, the band throws its listeners a curveball by using the catchy vocals of Patrick Stump that all Fall Out Boy fans are used to hearing but then having Hip Hop artist Big Sean feature on the track, giving them a new kind of feel. This change was the reason for many of the critics of this album said they “sold out to the label”. This is very untrue because all the band members have said on multiple occasions that this album was made for their evolving styles. The song “Alone Together” has the old Fall Out Boy vibe to it. The song has a catchy background with Patrick Stump’s voice complementing one of the better songs on the album. There are two singles on the album one is “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”. This song almost topped the Billboard 100 landing at number two. It has a very dark feeling with a strong beat. It is a song that will be heard on the radio a lot. The second single “The Phoenix” is a very upbeat track that has some mesmerizing instrumentals.  The song “Save Rock and Roll ft. Elton John” is a great track to end the album. It conveys the message of the whole album which is trying to “save rock and roll”. Patrick Stump and Elton John’s voices mesh perfectly. The song gives off a triumphant feeling, making the song feel very epic.
Fall Out Boy has come back strong with Save Rock and Roll, bringing a new but good feel to Fall Out Boy’s music. If you have no checked out their new album I suggest you do. The resurging band has shown the world what rock today should sound like.