Fantasy Football Week 3 Review


Owen Knapp 15’
Week three of the NFL season has come to a close leaving fantasy football players everywhere in dismay, unless of course you have any player from the seemingly unstoppable offenses of the Seahawks, Saints, or Broncos. Of course if you played a team with any player form those teams week three may have ended in a loss. With Russell Wilson, Drew Bree’s and Peyton Manning all coming up with weeks that gave them more than 20 points in standard ESPN leagues these quarterbacks showed off their talents in week three. The consequence to these players’ big weeks were big performances by the people catching their passes. Sidney Rice who caught for 79 yards and 2 touchdowns off the arm of Russell Wilson. Drew Bree’s to Jimmy Graham one of the leagues deadliest combos helped Graham catch for 134 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Cardinals Sunday. Additionally, week three proved once more a walk in the park for Peyton Manning and company. Manning threw for 374 yards and 3 touchdowns in week three which continues to show why everyone should buy stock in the Broncos. With Denver’s high octane offense the wealth is evenly distributed and four players had big games for the Broncos Thursday. Julius Thomas continues to show his talents with 37 yards and a touchdown. Demaryius Thomas racked up 94 yards, while Eric Decker and Wes Welker had 133 yards and 84 yards respectively each scoring a touchdown. If you haven’t figured out by week three Bronco’s receivers are fantasy point machines.
With week three now over I asked some people to tell me about their “Week Three Fantasy Football Experience”.
Waking up to find Ray Rice sidelined for week three this player 1-1 after week two needed to find a replacement. With his second option Vick Ballard out for the season, Isiah Pead was the only option remaining. Playing the “best team” in the league this wouldn’t fly, after failed attempts to trade for Knowshon Moreno, this player had to go with Pead. Expecting big things out of his receiving core, this player was pleased with the opponents QB Arron Rodgers having a slow week (244 yds. 1 td) with waiver wire pick up Eddie Royal along with Mike Wallace suffering a groin issue having little impact week three didn’t look promising. Even with Drew Bree’s’ impressive week three this player’s loses 51-72 and falls into the slumps of 1-2 mediocrity.
Another Fantasy Player blames Colin Kaepernick for his week three lose as Kaepernick only amounted for just over 100 yards, 0 Touchdowns and 3 interceptions as Kaepernick also led his own team to a loss against the Colts Sunday. Kaepernick the lowest scorer on this player’s team will find the bench as Michael Vick will get the start in week four.