Twitter to Go Public on New York Stock Exchange


Ryan Comer ’15
On September 12, Twitter tweeted to its 24 million followers that it had submitted an IPO (Initial Public Offering) to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This means that the company was applying to the government to become a publicly owned and exchanged company on the New York Stock Exchange. Twitter was one of the last popular social media websites to apply for public ownership. Facebook, LinkedIn, Zynga, and Google all applied for public ownership long ago. The companies that went public experienced an increase in profit, outside of a few exceptions. However, as many of us in the Saint Edward student body realized,  the social networks seem to change after going public. The prime example is Facebook. Who even uses Facebook at this point? We all stopped liking after it went public. It was too commercialized and it could no longer accomplish enough for us to enjoy it. We, as teenagers, hold Twitter near and dear to our hearts. It allows for us to keep our friends updated, make people laugh, and even to share news. We can only hope that Twitter does not suffer the same fate as Facebook and MySpace.
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