Calling All Knights!


Will Beatrez `15

Coming up soon are several exciting events for the St. Edward Knights of the Tiber:

First off, Knights will be heading down to Westlake’s Youth Challenge, an organization that joins volunteers with physically disabled children in fun activities. This is part of the annual Make a Difference Day (MADD), a tradition in which each of the four regions of the Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL)  plans a service project to reach out to the community. The MADD at Youth Challenge will be on November 16th from 7 to 9 PM. We will be conducting an event with food, arts and crafts, movies, and other classics-related activities. More details will be forthcoming at Knights meetings.

Certamen prodigies Pat Fox `16 and Soren Gran `16 want YOU to join the team!
Certamen prodigies Pat Fox `16 and Soren Gran `16 want YOU to join the team!

Additionally, we will be starting rehearsals for the 2013 Case Western Reserve Dionysia. This is an annual competition in which schools perform their 15-minute skits to be judged on the spot. The winner comes home with a hefty cash prize, and St. Edward has been the proud winner of said prize for four years in a row now. Be part of that tradition; come and try out for a part! Our performance this year will be an adaptation of Euripides’ Hecuba, scripted by your very own Jonathan Unger `14. We will also start discussing club contests we can start working on for the 2014 OJCL convention, which include t-shirt design, school banner, scrapbook, and aspects of spirit.

Believe it or not, it’s already time for the certamen season to start up. The annual St. Edward Certamen is approaching within the next month, exact date TBD. Practices are also going to be held, and we would like to encourage anybody who takes Latin or is just interested in the classics to come practice with us. If you are interested, you can contact Will Beatrez `15 about how to start preparing.

In addition to this lineup of worthy contests, the OJCL Executive Board has been discussing the startup of new statewide monthly competitions. Recognition and possibly even sweepstake points at the 2014 OJCL convention will be given to schools that produce gratuitous amounts of publication, spirit and service. The best way to support the Knights in this endeavor is by attending weekly Knights meetings. We convene every Monday after school in room 217, and you can ask Mr. Cavoli or Mr. Stemm for any details.