IOS 7, a Good or Bad Change?


ios evolution

Joseph Milcinovic ‘15
Its finally here, iOS 7, a fresh and new change to the apple design. The iOS update was available on September 20  at 1am Eastern Time. This update revamped the user interface.”
iOS 7 adds features such as “airdrop”, (a feature to share documents, pictures, events, etc.) “Apps near me” (app that searches for apps that apply to local locations i.e. the Cleveland Museum of Art and Melt) and also iRadio (very similar to Pandora). Even though the new features are cool and interesting it doesn’t change or revolutionize our mobile experience. The biggest change to the iOS is the artistic design. Apple implements a “whole new experience” through their “whole new pallet of colors” which is very true, due to the brightness that the screen emits. Many students like junior Noah Kuemerle, agree that “the design is good” but many don’t have a stance on iOS 7 because it has been out for only a day. The whole point of iOS 7 is to make “order to complexity” which has been executed fairly well. The control center, which makes easy use of the flashlight, clock, camera and also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The control center is easily accessible by swiping upward from the bottom of the screen; the lock screen can also access the control center which is a nice touch. Not much new was added with iOS 7 rather it rearranged apps and activities to make “order to complexity”, and that’s exactly what it does it makes it easier to multitask, and that’s it.
Now the update is not a bad update at all but doesn’t really change the mobile experience. While it makes it the most accessible but it doesn’t change into a “whole new experience” like Apple said in its iOS 7 video. Overall iOS 7 is worth the update, it brings simplicity to the iPhone and ameliorates the Apple experience.