Eagles Keep the Community Cup at St. Eds



Adam Jankowski ‘15
This past weekend, the St. Edward soccer team took on the Rangers of Lakewood High School.  Also known as the “Community Cup”, this intra-city rivalry has been around for a while.  With the Rangers taking the cup back in 2010 and 2011, the Eagles were looking to keep the trophy in Hall of Fame Hallway for two years in a row.
On the hot Saturday afternoon, the backyard was ready for a couple great games.  The JV 1 group took a tough 2-0 loss to the JV Rangers, but they still played a valiant game.
After the JV game, the atmosphere started to change around the field.   As the Eagles soccer players were walking into the field gates behind bagpipes, you could tell they were poised for battle.
DRS_8039As the game started, you could feel the heat of the rivalry from the stands.  Both teams wanted the cup as badly as the other, and neither team was giving way.  It was scoreless in the first half, until with 2:20 left, Timmy Jonas ’15 had a free kick inside the 18-yard box.  Timmy tapped the ball back, then Braden Davies ‘16 fired a shot to the back of the net to give the Eagles a 1-0 advantage into the half.
The second half had much of the same great defense and effort from both sides.  But, with 22:00 left in the game, Julian Castro ’15 broke through and netted a goal that would give the Eagles the 2-0 victory over the Lakewood Rangers.  The next day, the Varsity Eagles beat the Walsh Jesuit Warries by a count of 3-0.  They ended the weekend with the record being 3-1-2.