Google Glass Comes to St. Edward High School



Nick Sherrard ’15
Over the summer, SEHS was among a few winners of a worldwide contest for a pair of Google Glass. For those who have not heard about this innovative piece of technology, Google Glass is essentially a pair of glasses without traditional lenses. Instead, it has a small screen that appears in the wearer’s view that displays various images. Glass is voice activated and can do things as complex as web browsing and video chatting. Because Google Glass is always visible to the wearer, it provides seamless access to information. Where traditional laptops or tablets would require someone to stop what they are doing to look at the screen, Glass allows users to multitask due to its hands-free nature.  In order to win, Mr. Stepnowsky and Mr. McKenna were challenged to describe what they would do with Glass in as little as fifty words.
Essentially, people can view classes through the eyes of the teacher or whoever is wearing it.  This would open eyes of people outside the school community to the way its faculty teaches. Mr. McKenna explained, “In the near future, Glass will give people the opportunity to connect on an international level.  For example, if students want to learn more about the situation in Siria, one could connect with a student there to gain insight.” Google Glass will provide opportunities to do things like that.” While SEHS has a pair, Glass is still in a testing phase, meaning the school is one of the few that possess a pair.  Keep checking for new videos and news on Google Glass.