Maroon 5 Rocks Blossom


maroon 5

Bobby Kaleel ’15

Maroon 5 rocked the stage at Blossom Music Center this past Sunday on the band’s Overexposed tour. The performance was opened by Kelly Clarkson, the original winner of American Idol. She executed her songs perfectly, including her hit Stronger, and Breakaway. Clarkson did not perform as many songs as expected, and left the stage after about seven songs. Maroon 5 opened up with their hit single One More Night which was at number one on the Billboard 100 for nine straight weeks. Maroon 5 played hit after hit non-stop, including the band’s classic hits such as Sunday Morning, This Love, and She Will Be Loved. This made the concert a much better experience with a strong nostalgic feeling. Adam Levine, the band’s lead singer, is a great performer. His personality is exactly as you would expect if you have ever seen The Voice. The Voice is a talent based show where the judges act as mentors to young talent trying to become something in the music industry, Levine is one of the judges. He has a very vibrant personality on the show as well as in real life. After his final song using a guitar a young fan screamed, “Can I have your guitar?” Levine heard the scream and laughed while handing his guitar to a young fan in the audience telling the fan to not sell it for less than 200$. Overall Maroon 5 exceeded expectations and gave the audience a great show well worth the money. I recommend buying tickets for the next time Maroon 5 comes into town.