The Case For and Against Anthony Richardson


Anthony Richardson is a bonafide scrub, it’s just plain and simple. He couldn’t win football games in college so why do people think he can win in the NFL? He is one of the rare cases with a player with a super high ceiling but one of the lowest floors, which is the same thing they deemed Jamarcus Russell(considered to be the biggest bust ever). His stats in college are quite alarming to say the least and you can infer this just by looking at his touchdown to turnover ratio. He only had a 54% completion percentage and a 24 Td to 15 Int ratio which is very sub par for college and if you compare these stats to fellow QB prospects it doesn’t look too good for him. CJ Stroud’s ratio was 85 to 12 with a 70% completion percentage while playing in way worse weather than Anthony Richardson which is astronomically worse. Will Levis who was picked a whole round after him had a 46 to 25 ratio while playing in the same conference as him and had a way higher percentage than him which just shows how Anthony Richardson is a proven below average QB that just has all the physicals and not tangibles which in the history of NFL quarterbacks doesn’t work very well. 


Future Stud

Anthony Richardson is a future superstar and my favorite prospect in this draft class. He got drafted into a near-perfect situation in Indianapolis with an elite running back, Jonathan Taylor, and weapons around him like Michael Pittman and another future star Josh Downs. With all of this talent around him, I expect Richardson to be able to lead the Colts to a playoff berth and an AFC South division title next year.Richardson’s physical tools are the best of any prospect I’ve seen. He’s 6’4”, 240, runs a 4.4, and jumps higher than any other quarterback. Not to mention, his arm talent is absurd and his highlight tape is unlike anything I’ve seen. His floor to me is Justin Fields, and his ceiling I think is a top 3 quarterback in the league. We might come back to this in a few years and I might be completely wrong, but I’m willing to bet on AR15.