Starry Review


It’s been about one-third through 2023 and PepsiCo is going strong as summer approaches. This year the multi-billion dollar company launched their new lemon-lime soda, Starry. Starry comes in Starry Lemon Lime and Starry Lemon Lime Zero Sugar. It replaced the shrouded soda, Sierra Mist, coming out with an attractive and bright logo that grabs the eye’s attention more than ever before. It was created in order for PepsiCo to battle in the brutal war of lemon-lime soda dominance against opponents like Sprite. Starry is described as, “the next choice of the new generation”. Its aim is to appeal to the younger generation as it offers a strong, fresh, and caffeine free flavor. It has mixed reviews, some enjoy the new taste, others miss the classic Sierra Mist flavor. 

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to try some Starry. From my personal review, I thought it was excellent. It provided a fresh and perfectly sweet flavor. It had a sweetness that tastes just right. Certainly something you would not regret drinking afterwards. The carbonation was the best part of the drink. It was just carbonated enough to match the flavor, but doesn’t overwhelm your mouth with bubbles. Personally, I would take Starry over Sprite simply because Sprite’s aggressive carbonation is too intense compared to Starry’s soft delightfulness. Starry is a gentle soda, something to sit down with and enjoy. Will Starry be the pop of the Summer? We will have to wait and see.