Cooper’s Corner: Sports Theme Songs

Coopers Corner: Sports Theme Songs

This time of year, in my opinion, is easily the best time for watching sports. Nearly all sports seem to be taking place across the globe, nearly nonstop. With sports come some of the most iconic theme tunes that enhance the viewing experience tenfold. Today on Cooper’s Corner we are going to give the top 10 theme tunes for sporting events. 

Honorable Mention: UEFA Champions League Anthem- In the United States, this tune is not nearly as iconic as many of the songs on this list, however the majesty and power behind this Anthem are absolutely iconic in the European landscape. There are very few moments in sports that even come close to a European football night with a pact stadium and some of the greatest soccer players in the world standing alone on the pitch with the Champions League Anthem blasting. 

10) NHL theme ESPN: I myself have never really enjoyed hockey that much, however I do understand how iconic this theme is. From years of watching Sports Center, that theme has become synonymous with NHL in my opinion. Although I am not the biggest fan of hockey, I still find this theme iconic, knowing that I am about to watch some of the biggest stars in the game compete.

NHL on ESPN Theme

9)MLB on FOX/FOX Sports Theme: This theme sneaks onto the list at 9 purely out of nostalgia. I have countless memories of tuning into the then Indians, of the mid 2010’s and some of those iconic teams on FOX Sports Ohio, and being welcomed back from commercials by this theme. To me it is an iconic theme that just represents baseball during that era. 

MLB on FOX Full Theme Song ( 1996-2007, 2020-present )

8)Monday Night Football: The Monday Night Football theme has to be universally recognized by all sports fanatics across the country. Late games, packed stadiums, the 12th man in full effect, and color rush uniforms are all synonyms with this theme. Nearly everyone in the room can beat box to this song and it is absolutely infectious. 

Monday Night Football Theme

7)Round Ball Rock: Nothing is more synonymous with the National Basketball Association than this iconic theme tune. It started with NBC but many other networks have made very similar versions so I chose to put the original icon on this list. 

“Roundball Rock”

6)Masters theme: Easily the calmest of all the songs on this list, it cracks the top 10 because of what it represents. When you look up at the TV after hearing the music, you know that you will see only the best golfers in the world competing in such an important event. There is just something about this theme and Sundays at Agusta that are must watch television. 

The Masters Theme Song (Extended Version) HD

5)SportsCenter Theme: The SportsCenter theme was a key part of my childhood. I spent several hours each week watching ESPN’s flagship program. Regardless of the changes over the years it is so recognizable and iconic. The St. Edward Marching Eagles even perform their own rendition of this tune at football games to pump the crowd up, which is just a testament to its popularity. 

SportsCenter Opening Theme (Mid 1990s – 2000s)

4)Olympic Fanfare : Every 2 years NBC is able to use this gem of a theme song for 2 weeks during the summer and winter Olympics respectively. In my mind this theme is the most significant theme on this list. It is the theme I would like to play the most if I was an athlete. To me it signifies the highest honor an athlete can achieve, being able to represent your country on the world’s biggest stage. Not only that, it is just a phenomenal theme, a John Williams classic. 

3)ESPN NFL Primetime: When Chris Berman gives his fastest 3 minutes in sports the song plays, along with the most significant highlights on ESPN. Only the best athletes are featured while this song is playing, and you know that something significant will happen while this song plays. It provides the best mix of intrigue, suspense, and action that you want in a highlight reel. 

NFL Primetime Song 1

2)March Madness Theme: Nothing means March more than the March Madness tournament and the theme goes hand in hand. It captures the audience, and provides emotion coupled with excitement as the games come back from commercials. It means big moments, intrigue, and incredible plays are about to transpire. The limited time frame for which this song is played makes it absolutely iconic and completely representative of college basketball. 

CBS Sports NCAA March Madness Theme

1)  SEC on CBS Theme: In my opinion nothing says college football quite like the 3:30 window of the SEC on CBS. I am a BIG 10 diehard fan, however I can not help but acknowledge the importance of the SEC. The 3:30 window is the SEC’s marquee time slot, the biggest games that weekend take place then. At first when the intro plays, a packed stadium full of diehard fans is displayed, and viewers at home are just captivated. These games are generally phenomenal showings between 2 great teams. Toward the end of the games, with the score close, the drone footage will pan over the stadium in the dark, as the iconic theme plays and the audience sits in awe as they watch the conclusion of a phenomenal game. It is a little like a setup man in baseball, it sets the game on a platter for the fans to enjoy. 

SEC on CBS Sports Theme Song