Midterm Election

The midterm elections took place weeks ago and we are feeling the political landscape of the U.S. government shift. Almost every year the party that holds the president’s office usually loses more seats in the house to the opposing party.

Hence, it was widely predicted that the Republican party would gain over 40 seats in the House, but the opposite happened. With 25 seats left to go, as of right now, the democrats, who control the president’s office, have only lost 9 seats – a vast difference from 40 seats.


Still, the Republican party is expected to take control of the House, only being 7 seats away from the majority. Having less and less representation from the Republican party could eventually lead to the extinction of the party. 

The Senate race, however, has been one of the most exciting races in US history. The control of the Senate came down to the last three non-determined states – Arizona, Nevada and Georgia. The democrats were already content with an above-average turnout. But for the republicans, these races were must-win for an already disappointing midterm.

Ultimately, the democrats took control of both Nevada and Arizona, gaining control of the Senate, but not the majority.

Georgia, the only state that is grey, has a runoff. Runoffs, which only can occur in the two states – Louisiana and Georgia –, are a “re-election” between the top two candidates if neither candidates have a majority.

Here, in Ohio, there was a major shift in the senate race. Incumbent Tim Ryan lost to Republican J.D. Vance, by a much larger vote than expected. One thing that was interesting was the vast difference in money spent between the two candidates.

Tim Ryan spent more than 30 million dollars than J.D Vance but lost in the end. Could this display Ohio is a more red or republican state? 

Along with all the advertising, Donald Trump, a past president, endorsed many republican candidates for the Senate. But with the Republican party not gaining as many seats as expected, the blame is being placed on Donald Trump. 


According to CNN, “A Trump adviser who has been in contact with Trump’s … told … that the former president is ‘livid’ and ‘screaming at everyone’ after the results.” Trump used to be successful in his past endorsements, having them winning almost 80 percent of the time.

Yet in this election, Trump was vastly overshadowed by the losses of his candidates like Dr. Mehmet Oz – a popular TV show. Dr. Oz was chosen out of the republican party for the historically red state of Pennsylvania, largely due in part to Donald Trump’s endorsement. For the Republican party, losing a state like Pennsylvania for the Senate race was one of the worst things that could have happened. 


With Trump’s supposed announcement of vying for the presidency and the Republican party asking him not to, the party is in shambles. Are we ever going to see another Republican candidate for president? Or is our government always going to have discontinuity? Either way, you’ll always have Judge Russo to talk to.