Top Five Halloween Candy


Halloween’s  Spookiest Treats 

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Candy is a treat that can feel the spookiest of hearts even during October a month like no other as horror and terror fill the streets and the aroma of chocolate feels the air. But what makes a great candy one that can satiate the biggest of cravings, one that can bring joy to one’s face? Well, I hope this list answers what makes the best candy     


5# 3Museteers

A 3Musketeers bar is an oldie but a goodie the fluffy Nougat combined with a chocolate coating. Makes for a wonderful texture the Nougat feels as if you were chewing on a cloud but the chocolate adds a brittle layer that gives it texture and crunch. The company prides itself on being the fluffiest bar in history and guarantees that the three musketeers will brighten up your day. But as a  kid, I remember almost every time I went to the store with my papa I went and picked out 3 musketeers, and the bar itself holds a lot of emotional value two I remember the first time I had a three musketeers bar it tasted like heaven. But with that being said the bar is good for what it is worth but it can be redundant at times so that’s why it isn’t higher on this list. Let’s move on from 


4# Hershey Bars

The Hershey bar has been serving the community for decades now and is a valued bar in the community the creaminess of the chocolate and the smoothness of the bar and most importantly the rich flavors inside the bar make it feel as if I ate a chocolate smoothie. It really packs a punch and not to mention it can be used to make smores and other snacks so the versatility in this bar is unmatched. This bar will always hold a place in my heart the chocolate practically runs through my veins. But the limiting factor of this bar is that it doesn’t offer anything more than just chocolate and even though it’s its strength it is its weakness, unfortunately.


3# Milky Way 

This was tuff one it could be number one but the two in front are just a little bit better. The Milky way was a candy bar I looked forward to in my candy bucket when I was young the bar holds all the best qualities of a candy bar not only does the chocolate give a nice coating that gives a crunchy texture but also it has great tang chocolate and the nougat it has is more firm but it adds to the great texture of the milky way and the chocolate is really milky and gives off a great taste but caramel adds a new dimension of flavors and it’s like a galaxy in your mouth.  The ratio of chocolate to get to caramel is perfect and isn’t redundant either I could eat this all day and still look forward to it. But what makes it good is that it’s above average in every category. But it just feels like it needs something more.


2# Snickers

The Snickers has what the milky way is missing the savory taste of the nuts in a Snickers is unmatched it feels as if I eating a whole meal . The nut also creates a greater crunch and texture . Even though the nougat isn’t the star it still is great and the good thing is that it isn’t overpowering and gives a texture and taste that is unmatched and it reaches a balance in ingredients. Also, snickers have the ability to turn that frown upside down and your hunger around. But as a kid, a snicker was the most-seen bar for a reason the marketing it has is unmatched. Snickers is worldwide and has a taste that fulfills one’s desires it has everything and more but the winner is just a little bit better believe it or not.



1# Twix 

The answer isn’t right or left but just Twix and Twix not only as the crunch but the sweet Caramel and the gushy chocolate Twix is a candy bar that gives a different texture from a regular candy bar it is buttery and creamy but savory and the only problem is that not enough Twix bars come in a pack the Twix just has it all and some . This bar is just amazing it’s like a river or caramel with rocks of shortbread that’s how it tastes and it gives off an amazing texture. The flavors are different that which makes it great and the gold wrapping models what it is it’s like a nugget filled with liquid gold. The deliciousness is unmatched and that is why it is my number one candy bar.