Cooper’s Corner: Week 4


Week 4 is upon us St. Eds. After a week where I destroyed the journalistic credibility of the Edsman, picking games that would not take place that week, I am on the rebound from this setback. 

Thursday Night Football features the 3-0 Miami Dolphins who travel to the 1-2 Cincinnati Bengals. For those of you who have read the previous issues of Cooper’s Corner, the Dolphins have been good to me, but the Bengals have certainly underwhelmed. Naturally I think that the Bengals will get it done on Thursday Night, because the Dolphins will not be prepared to play on such short notice from the sweltering conditions of their last shoot out. 

Bills at Ravens is the weekly 1pm feature this week on Cooper’s Corner. It’s a battle of 2-1 teams, both of whom lost to the Dolphins. Ultimately the Ravens will prevail because Josh Allen will be too tired and will not be able to bounce back from a tough week. 

Sunday Night Football will certainly be worth the loss of sleep, because the Kansas City Chiefs travel to take on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We all have experienced the miracles of Tom Brady and his seemingly innate ability to win games, and Tommy will prevail against the man coming for his throne Patrick Mahomes. 

Most notably the undisputed game of the week is the Holy War, St. Ed’s vs St. Ignatius, the pageantry, pomp, circumstance, and bloody violent North Eastern Ohio football is on full display on Saturday night at Byers FIeld. St. Edward is ready and ultimately will wipe the floor with the Wildcats in St. Ignatius’s own stadium. Eds, Big!