The Wild, Wild West: Browns v. Chargers Game Recap


Abe Condrich, '22, Edsman Staffer

Sunday’s Browns game was absolutely wild.

First, the Browns and the Chargers are two of the top teams in the league. Both of them came into the game 3-1. Jarvis Landry again did not play for the Browns. The first half of this game was pretty even. Both teams seemed to score pretty easily when they really wanted to. All the Browns had to do was run the ball with Nick Chubb and Karim Hunt. All the Chargers had to do was throw the ball deep to Mike Williams or Keenan Allen. The Browns really had no answer to Justin Herbert the whole game. He could run and pass the ball basically anywhere he wanted to. The game really got interesting in the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter saw a number of touchdowns from both teams. The Browns seemed to be in control of the game until the refs called a controversial pass interference against the Browns. It clearly wasn’t pass interference as the Chargers wide receiver was holding the Browns cornerback. This call really turned the tide of the game.

The Browns led 42 – 41. The Chargers were going in to score on the Browns 5. Herbert handed the ball off to Austin Ekeler and the Browns defense literally pushed him into the endzone to get him to score. This was an extremely smart move. This enabled the Browns to get the ball back with about a minute left only down five. However, this didn’t really matter as the Browns couldn’t score and ended up losing. Senior Alek Ilievski said that this was the most insane fourth quarter that he had ever seen in a game.