SEHS Climbing Club Climbs in Popularity!

With a new school year comes new clubs, and one of the many new exciting clubs is the Climbing Club. The two club moderators are Mr. McPartland and Mr. Puccini. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Puccini some questions about the club and here are his responses:

AE: Where did the idea for this club come from?

Mr. Puccini: Jett Razek, a junior, spoke with Mr. McPartland about an interest in starting a climbing club and Mr. Puccini and Mr. McPartland became the two moderators. 

AE: Do students need climbing experience to join the Climbing Club?

Mr. Puccini: Students do not need any climbing experience to join the climbing club. One of the goals of the club is to teach and encourage safe climbing techniques. Mr. Puccini and Mr. McPartland both have lots of climbing experience and are ready and able to teach students. 

AE: How often does the club go climbing and where?

Mr. Puccini: The Climbing Club goes climbing at Nosotros, a climbing gym in Lakewood, once a week on Thursdays and they will take occasional trips to other climbing gyms.

AE: When does the club meet?

Mr. Puccini: The Climbing Club meets in Mr. McPartland’s room, L202 at 12:15 every Community Period E day. 

Other Points:

Climbing is an inclusive activity and physically and mentally stimulating. the community and the support you will receive is what makes it fun, it isn’t about strength or skill, everyone will be helpful and kind. The Climbing club is just a club, not a big commitment. Students can just come hang out and try a new skill whenever they are available; it is a very casual club.

Here is another message from club student leader Jett Razek ‘23: I can really see it being picked up by the school and embraced as another sport for Eagles to participate in, especially with climbing’s debut in the olympics and the rise of competitive sport climbing leagues. Not only is climbing a great sport for St. Ed’s athletes to set their eyes on, but it also has a great community of thoughtful and helpful people. Overall I see a great future for the club to grow and great opportunities for climbing to be a new aspect of the school.”


The Climbing Club is one of the most interesting new clubs at the school. They have experienced moderators who are interested in the growth of the club and want to help their students. I think that this is a very promising club and anyone who is interested at all should definitely try it out.