Lakers-Warriors Affirm Play-in Game Hype


The Lakers vs Warriors play in game was the best game of the NBA postseason so far. Coming into the game, the Lakers were heavy favorites. They had a stacked team in LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Kyle Kuzma. The Warriors were only coming into the game with a red hot Steph Curry. Steph Curry’s season has truly been spectacular. His scoring title and carrying of a very subpar team proves that he is one of the greatest players of all time. When the game started, the Warriors were in full control. The Lakers looked sloppy on offense and the Warriors defense was swarming. A strength of the Warriors team this year is transition. They have a really small team so they are able to get out and push the ball after a rebound. This left wide open threes open for Steph Curry and other players like Jordan Poole. The Warriors killed the Lakers in transition in the first half.

The Lakers were slower and bigger and just could not keep up with the Warriors in the first half. This somewhat changed after halftime. After halftime, LeBron and AD started to get going. The slow start for the Lakers can be attributed to the long amount of rest that they had before the game. The score in the second half started to even out a little bit more. The biggest lead for either team was only a few possessions. The fourth quarter of this game is what made it so special. Both teams seemed to go to a new level of play. Steph Curry literally started to make everything and LeBron could not be stopped by the Warriors defense.

This game came down to one of the final possessions by a shot from LeBron. On the play, the Lakers were down by either one or two. LeBron entered the ball into the low post to Kentavious Caldwell Pope for a post up on Steph Curry. Pope was double teamed down low and was forced to kick the ball back out to LeBron. LeBron then rose up for a long three over Curry just like Kyrie in 2016 and made it. This shot then sealed the game in favor of the Lakers who eventually went on to win and claim the 7th seed in the playoffs. As for the Warriors, they played Memphis for the 8th seed and lost, ending their season and a spectacular run for Steph Curry.