The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Review: Episode 2

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Review: Episode 2


This episode was very action packed. We were introduced to new characters, and some new potential plotlines. We see the relationship between Sam and Bucky develop, and the challenges between them about Steve’s shield. The Episode did feel a bit lackluster in actual story progression; however, it did open up some new opportunities for the show going forward. This episode felt almost like a continuation of the first episode. It was very casual while starting up the story and introducing plotlines.


Episode 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came out on Friday March 26. This episode picks up right where the previous episode left off. We get to meet John Walker, the new Captain America, while he reminisces about his life in high school. He is anxious about taking up the mantle of Captain America, and some friends come to comfort him. He has a press conference on a football field with a reporter, who informs us that Walker tested “off the charts” in speed, strength, endurance, intelligence, etc. This could be potentially pointing to Walker having some sort of super soldier qualities, or something else entirely. Both Sam and Bucky have found out about the new Captain America. Bucky confronts Sam and is understandably upset that he gave Cap’s shield back. Sam tells Bucky about the flag smashers. They both then go on a mission to intercept a flag smasher truck. Sam jumps out of a plane and Bucky is about to follow but then it turns out there are no more parachutes. So instead, he jumps out and uses his robotic arm to break his fall. They find a wear house where the flag smashers are loading shipments onto trucks. They watch the flag smashers while arguing about what to do. Then they run after the trucks as they drive away. 

Sam uses his drone called red wing to see that someone else is inside the truck, who he believes is a hostage. Bucky goes in and finds a young girl who he believes is a hostage. It turns out she’s not, and she proceeds to kick Bucky straight out of the truck onto the front of another. Two more flag smashers grab Bucky and try to restrain him. Sam then flies in to fight the girl, but gets kicked to the other truck where he is held down. Right as another flag smasher is about to punch Sam, John Walker arrives in a helicopter to save the day. They have a fight which ends with all of them falling off the truck. Bucky then realizes that the flag smashers were super soldiers.

Sam and Bucky start walking down the road when Walker offers them a ride in an Army Jeep. Sam and Bucky decide to passive aggressively refuse by continuing to walk. Eventually they do get in the truck and Walker tries to convince them that they need to work together. Sam talks with Walker about the flag smashers while Bucky just sits there menacingly. Eventually Bucky gets fed up with Walker and jumps off the Jeep and starts walking. Sam decides to join him, and they walk off on a bridge away.

The next scene shows the perspective of the flag smashers, led by the girl who kicked Bucky. They come to a house or refuge area where a German man provides shelter for them. Interestingly, the girl receives a message from an unknown number claiming that she took something from them and that they will find her. The flag smasher make plans and we learn the name of the girl, Karli Morganthau, and she asked the others if she can trust them.

We then see Bucky and Sam on a plane as they talk about Steve, the flag smashers, and Walker. When they get back to the U.S., Bucky takes Sam to a man named Isaiah. Isaiah was a super soldier years ago who Bucky fought as the Winter Soldier. Isaiah is sensitive about his soldier past, and commands them to leave. Then Sam and Bucky have an encounter with the police because Bucky missed his therapy and was arrested. Sam meets Bucky’s doctor, and she brings them into an interrogation room to talk to them. Bucky admits why he is upset about Sam giving up the shield. He is afraid that if Steve was wrong about Sam, then he was wrong about Bucky as well. They leave the therapy session and see Walker outside. They talk, and the episode ends with him telling Sam and Bucky to stay out of his way.