Young Cavaliers Hit Grueling Schedule Stretch

Abe Condrich, '22, Edsman Staffer

From the last time that I wrote about the Cavs, they have come down from their stellar play, particularly the electric game against the Brooklyn Nets. The Cavs’ record is now 10-17 and they are on a six game losing streak. This should largely have been expected from the Cavs this season despite their competitive start to the season. They will not be a major playoff team for a couple of years. The Cavs have been carried this year by the play of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland. Sexton is averaging 19.2 ppg while Garland is averaging 13.2. These two young guards seem to be extremely promising for the future.

The center of the Cavs team seems to be focused on the defensive side of the ball. Their whole team is filled with solid defenders. The Cavs recently benefited from the James Harden trade by acquiring Taurean Prince, a starter from the Nets. Prince currently averages 11.4 ppg. Acquiring Prince leaves the Cavs with a veteran player to help mentor the younger players like Sexton and Garland. The defensive team dynamic is going through some growing pains right now. The team’s point differential is one of the worst in the league and they have given up a lot of points per game to opposing teams. It will be interesting to see what adjustments head coach J.B. Bickerstaff makes to capitalize on his defensive talent.

The Cavs are likely expected to trade Andre Drummond or release him in free agency. Drummond is currently averaging 18.5 ppg. Although this seems detrimental to the Cavs, a trade for Drummond will either reward them with another viable starter or important draft picks. Even if they release him in free agency it will free up cap space for them to sign another starter. The Cavs also have other solid centers that could replace Drummond. As the All-Star game is fast approaching, don’t be surprised to see at least one player from the Cavs in the game. If I had to guess, I would say that Collin Sexton would be the All-Star from the Cavs. This year is a rebuilding year for the Cavs, but they are looking extremely solid for next year and the future even in the midst of a difficult losing streak and a grueling schedule.