SonbyMetrics: NFL Week 8 Power Rankings


Kevin Sonby '21, Edsman Staffer

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-0)- It makes sense that the only unbeaten team remaining is #1 in the power rankings. The Steelers had beaten up on mediocre teams, including smacking the Browns 38-7. This week they put up 27 first half points against the Titans. Their outstanding defense was able to contain Derrick Henry. Pittsburgh has put up outstanding defensive numbers, and with a decent offense They remain unbeaten, but they have a tough division matchup against the Ravens in Baltimore. 
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (6-1)- The Chiefs come off a commanding 43-16 win over the divisional Denver Broncos. Their offense has not been explosive as it was last year, even with a 43 point day, it wasn’t that impressive. The Chiefs had a pick six and a special teams touchdown resulting in 14 of their 43 points. With a better defense and special teams the Chiefs are again a Super Bowl contender.
  3. Seattle Seahawks (5-1)- The Seahawks are coming off a tough overtime loss to the Cardinals. Russell Wilson is having quite possibly his best season, with 25 passing touchdowns this year already. He had 3 interceptions last game, including one in overtime that cost him a possible field goal and the victory. This team has shown one the best offenses in the league and if their small defensive struggles are fixed this team has no limit.
  4. Green Bay Packers (5-1)- The Packers have dealt with injuries throughout their receiving core and running backs. Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, and Allen Lazard have all missed games, but Aaron Rodgers has had a great season. They just beat the Texans 35-20 proving that they are a top 5 team in the league.
  5. Tennessee Titans (5-1)- The Titans just lost their first game of the season to the only undefeated team, Steelers. Their defense was less than impressive in the first half allowing 27 points. Tennessee turned around in the second half, not allowing any second half points, and bringing the score to three. The game should’ve gone into overtime if Stephen Gostkowski could make a 45 yard field goal. The Titans’ run game has been so impressive all year, leading them to big wins including the Bills.
  6. Baltimore Ravens (5-1)- The Ravens have just had their buy week, and they have a less impressive year then last year. They lost their only meaningful game against the chiefs, and have beaten up on less than impressive teams
  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2)- The Buccaneers offense has been impressive this year, and Tom Brady has been heating up. They destroyed the Packers and Raiders, showing how swarming and strong their defense can be.
  8. Arizona Cardinals (5-2)- They have two big division wins against the 49ers and Seahawks. They offense has been so explosive, they only thing stopping them from being higher is Kyler Murray’s lack of consistency 
  9. Los Angeles Rams (5-2)- The Rams just put up great offensive numbers against the Bears. Their offense has been putting up good numbers, and a defense lead by Aaron Donald has put the Rams in winnable positions.
  10. Buffalo Bills (5-2)- Josh Allen was in the MVP race through the first 4 weeks of the season, but in the past three games, the offense hasn’t been able to put up good numbers. Their defense, best in the league last year, hasn’t looked anything like they did last year. They were run over by Derrick Henry and have struggled to stop teams.
  11. San Francisco 49ers (4-3)- The 49ers have been so inconsistent this season, and their offense hasn’t been the same as last year. They have dealt with season ending injuries to 2 of their top players, but their coaching is good enough to win them the past 2 games bringing them over .500.
  12. Cleveland Browns (5-2)- They Browns have a 2-2 division record, but both losses came to blowouts against the Ravens and Steelers. They just lost Odell Beckham for the season, but Baker had an outstanding week going 22/27 with 5 touchdowns showing the Browns offense people were expecting.
  13. New Orlean Saints (4-2)- The Saints without Michael Thomas have not had the same offense we saw last season. More is expected of this offense with Kamara, Emanuel Sanders, and Drew Brees. If they want to have a playoff run their offense is going to need to step up and win the division because of the highly contested Wild Card spots. 
  14. Indianapolis Colts (4-2)- The Colts have the best defense in the league, however they have no true playmakers on offense making every game too close.
  15. Chicago Bears (5-2)- The Bears are only in a 5-2 position because of their defense. Nick Foles has helped out their offense, but in the biggest game of their season they scored 10 points on the Rams.
  16. Las Vegas Raiders (3-3)- The Raiders offense has been on and off with Darren Waller and Carr. They need to get their running game going with Jacobs to help protect Carr and their defense.
  17. Detroit Lions (3-3)- They’ve won the past 2 weeks with a healthy receiving core. This team is beginning to look promising with Golladay and Swift. The Lions defense has also shown signs of promise, playing very well against good offenses.
  18. Miami Dolphins (3-3)- The Dolphins have beaten every mediocre team on their schedule, but they’re not good enough to beat any playoff teams. Ryan Fitzpatrick was doing everything he could to win games for them, but looking forward they’re starting Tua Tagovailoa which is huge for the future of their team.
  19. Carolina Panthers (3-4)- The Panthers have been trying to win games, but with Bridgewater’s first year in Carolina, McCaffrey’s injury, and a weak defense they’ve been struggling to find a much needed win to get about .500.
  20. Philadelphia Eagles (2-4-1)- The Eagles are the best team in the worst division. Their defense is starting to come together, so hopefully they can keep their division lead and find the playoff magic they know.
  21. Los Angeles Chargers (2-4)- The Chargers have a lot of promise in their rookie quarterback Justin Herbert. They have a bright future, but this year their defense and they need Ekeler back before they can win games.
  22. Washington Football Team (2-5)- With Haskins throwing the ball away, this team looks better. They need better skill position players, but protecting the ball has helped this team be in games.
  23. Houston Texans (1-6)- Although their record doesn’t show it, this is a tough team to beat. Watson is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but without Hopkins the team can’t win games. Their defense can’t support their offense to help them win games.
  24. Minnesota Vikings (1-5)- When Dalvin Cook is healthy he is debatably the best running back in the league. Without Diggs, Cousins has had trouble completing passes and their defense needs to improve for them to go on a winning stretch.
  25. Denver Broncos (2-4)- Losing Courtland Sutton threw their season off track. Drew Lock hasn’t looked like a franchise quarterback. They do have bright spots however in their run game with Gordon and Lindsey, and their defense.
  26. New England Patriots (2-4)- Cam Newton has declined over the past couple weeks, and with limited offensive stars, this team can’t point up enough points to win.
  27. Atlanta Falcons (1-6)- The Falcons are the best team in history at choking leads. They just lost by scoring a touchdown too early. Every game they play is close because they have one of the best offenses in the league, but they can’t finish games. If they could finish games, they would be one of the best teams in the league.
  28. Cincinnati Bengals (1-5-1)- The Bengals found their quarterback in Joe Burrow and a future star in Boyd, they just need to protect them. To win games, the Bengals are going to need to strengthen their line and defense.
  29. Dallas Cowboys (2-4)- Losing Dak Prescott cost the Cowboys their season. They had an incompetent defense; the only thing keeping them in games was their passing offense. Without Prescott this team has played 2 embarrassing games scoring 3 points in each.
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6)- Questions surround Minshew, wondering if he is a franchise quarterback. Their defense needs improvements, but they have brought spots in their position players with James Robinson and DJ Chark.
  31. New York Giants (1-6)- The Giants are an embarrassment. Their defense is average but without Barkley their offense hasn’t been able to score points.
  32. New York Jets (0-7)- This is quite possibly the worst football team of all time. Their point differential through the first 7 weeks is the worst of winless teams. They need to change everything and for some reason they cut their star running back.