Laser Focused Fantasy Football: Week 2


Hey everybody I am back, hopefully with some better advice than last year!

Week 1 is over and we’ve seen what these teams can do, but what have we learned? The Browns are still the same old Browns… just with a little better offense, Big Ben looks like he is ready to win another Super Bowl, and maybe Washington should stick without having a nickname.

Let’s get into my Love and Hate for this week.


Even though he started out with a fumble, Dionte Johnson was trusted by Ben Roethlisberger and kept slinging it to him. He had 10 targets in the second half alone and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. Now I have a combination of Jared Cook and Emmanuel Sanders this week. With Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara being ruled out for this week’s game the targets have to go somewhere and I see those two getting a majority of them.  Last on the Love list: Josh Allen. He has proved throughout his career that he can get it done through the air and with his legs…maybe not like Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson, but he is up there. I like his match up against a weak Miami defense that hasn’t proven much in the last couple of years.


Mark Ingram II. There are so many running backs on this Baltimore team but they decided to use J.K. Dobbins as their goal line back. If I am a Mark Ingram II owner I am scared of what role he is going to have in Baltimore for the rest of the season. Now if you have J.K. Dobbins you might have yourself a solid flex or even an RB2 option for the rest of the season. On to Melvin Gordon III, while he didn’t play horrible this week he should have done better against the Titans defense. While in week 2 he is going against the Steelers who arguably have the best run defense in the league. I don’t see T.J. Watt and the rest of the defense giving Gordon III that much room to run.

Lastly, I see Deshaun Watson struggling against a strong Baltimore defense. Watson’s receivers last week against the Chiefs struggled to get open and I think it is only going to get worse against the Ravens. Watson can only do so much for his team the receivers need to step up and so does the run game, while I do believe that can happen I do see it happening until later in the season. 

Also if you are a Blake Jarwin owner and need a TE, I would be looking to pick up Dallas Goedert, T.J. Hockenson, Jonnu Smith or Greg Olsen. Last but not least pick up Benny Snell and Latavius Murray this week since both Kamara and Connor will be out for the next couple of weeks.     

Week 2 Laser “Loves”: Dionte Johnson, Jared Cook/Emmanuel Sanders, Josh Allen

Week 2 Laser “Hates”: Mark Ingram II, Melvin Gordon III, Deshaun Watson