Winter is truly one of the most “wonderful” times of the year.  Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just two aspects of the beautiful winter season.  Additionally, winter sports add to the festive atmosphere surrounding Christmas. As the winter season begins, so do the winter sports programs of St. Edward High School.  One of the most prolific sports here at St. Edward is hockey, claiming 11 state championships. Recently, I had the time to sit down with my fellow classmates and SEHS hockey players, Jack O’Sullivan & Ryan Dunn, and interview them about the upcoming hockey season.  


Q: What are your expectations for this upcoming hockey season? GLHL Cup? Deep Playoff Run? Padua Tournament Champions? 

Jack O’Sullivan: Our expectations are to compete for a State Championship and to win our league. There are a lot of great teams in our state and in Cleveland but we feel we have the depth and ability to rise above.

Ryan Dunn: The ultimate goal this season is to win a state championship. Obviously, we want to win the GLHL Cup and the Padua Tournament but the main goal is to win a state championship. 


Q: How do you feel about your new coach? Has the transition been hard or easy?

Jack O’Sullivan: The transition has been great, the coaches are here to push us and get us over the hump. Our coaches have been bought in and as our team learns and gets more comfortable with the staff the results could be electric. 

Ryan Dunn: Coach Sullivan and the whole coaching staff is great. In the beginning, I thought the transition was going to be hard but the coaching staff and the team have made it very easy. Every single one of the coaches has treated us great and it is really exciting to see what we are building here as a team. I believe we are going to have a very successful season.


Q: What is your most anticipated game of the season? 

Jack O’Sullivan: I am most excited for the Ignatius game as I am every year, given that they are our largest rivals and the team we strive to beat every year. I am also excited for our tournament in Meadville PA. I have been there twice before watching my older brothers play and I really enjoy the grit and style of play that is always evident in the tournament. 

Ryan Dunn: We have two very anticipated games this season, Holy Name and Saint Ignatius. Both of these games are going to be hard fought battles that will come down to the wire. 


Upcoming SEHS Hockey Games 

12-20-2019: SEHS vs. Olentangy Liberty, 9:00 PM @ OBM Arena (Strongsville)

12-21-2019: SEHS vs. St. Charles Prep, 11:00 AM @ OBM Arena (Strongsville)

12-28-2019: SEHS vs. St. Ignatius, 4:30 PM @ Brooklyn Rec (Brooklyn)