2017: A Year in Review, By: Rami Moussa ’19

This year saw many new challenges as well as many opportunities for growth and achievement in almost all areas of society. In all the year was much more well received by people than the year before, 2016, which was riddled with little annoyances and issues that carried over into this year. 2017 was definitely one to remember as it saw changes in the worlds of politics, sports, and entertainment, affecting us at home on large scales.

The year began with the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump on January 20, 2017. Almost instantly, he began his campaigns to achieve the goals he set for himself during his candidacy through attempts such as new immigration laws the limit and prevent people from some parts of the world from entering the United States. His presidency has been full of disputes and conflicts with the media, especially regarding his association with Vladimir Putin and the development of his wall. In other international news, southern territories such as Florida and Central American nations faced the challenges of several deadly hurricanes such as Hurricane Harvey, which devastated land and diminished conditions for residents, many of which required rafts and floats to travel if they did not evacuate. Elsewhere, people were fascinated and impressed by the grand release of the iPhone X with advanced technological features such as Face ID.

It was another big year in sports as well, although Cleveland sports teams were disappointed all around. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championships, the Houston Astros won the World Series, and the New England Patriots won the Superbowl. St. Edward athletic teams also succeeded this past year. Although they didn’t make it to the state championship, although the St. Eds football team managed to score a 9-0 record during the season, an incredible feat for Ohio football. The basketball team made it down to Columbus for the Final Four showdown, and the Rugby team made it to the state championship. The hockey team competed well in the Hockey League Championship. The wrestling team also impressed, winning not one, but two state championships in a collaborative effort.

It was an amazing year for entertainment as movies, television, and theater alike saw success in high regards from different themes and groups. Superhero movies claimed the most success between several different multi-million dollar productions including “Logan,” “Spiderman: Homecoming,” “Wonder Woman,” “Thor Ragnarok,” and “Justice League.” The horror genre received major uproar thanks to titles such as “It” and “Get Out.” Veterans and audience members alike were entranced by the wonders and historical significance of “Dunkirk,” and children enjoyed the likes of “Cars 3,” “Lego Batman,” and “The Emoji Movie.” In the coming weeks “Star Wars Episode VIII” will be released, featuring the now deceased Carrie Fisher. On Netflix, several hit shows were featured alongside “Stranger Things” which grew in popularity with the release of its second season earlier in October. The entertainment and trends of the year would be influential and prevalent through the year such as the ceaseless use of fidget spinners between children.

As the rest of the world changed and brought forth new ideas, the local St. Edward community brought changes in its own ways. The construction which was introduced last school year began over the summer in the Lowe Center and should last until next school year. It has caused issues for many members of the faculty and staff, although many students, families, staff members, administrators, and alumni are excited for the Ken Layden Entrepreneurship Center that will come of it. As a part of the efforts to modernize and improve the functions of our community, new parking spots were opened as well along with distribution of new technology. New laptops, smartboards, and ID systems make the whole school more accessible for all. With the new school year also came new teachers as well Mr. James Read as principal after we bid farewell to Dr. O’Linn, who was promoted to Superintendent for Secondary Schools of the Diocese of Cleveland.

The year was full of remarkable events and memories that will be treasured for years to come. Students witnessed a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 in the Cleveland area, marking the amazing occasion with several pictures. So far, the school year has seen the performance of the Fall Play, “Working,” and the formation of clubs including the Pre-Med Society and Muslim Student Association. The Pre-Med Society serves to educate and provide opportunities to students interested in medicine and health as well as those who seek a better understanding of our lively functions. The Muslim Student Association is a club for all discussing Islamic perspectives, connections, and relations as a part of the St. Edward program of togetherness. There was also discussion regarding the Sportsman Club. New service opportunities were introduced through the eye-opening Labre Ministry, in which students and faculty members serve the communities of Cleveland in need, as “men with hope to bring.” Another notable program introduced this year is the St. Andre Scholars Program which serves to educate young students with developmental disabilities. The purpose of this program is to serve this community to help them learn in faith, strive for excellence, and live in servant leadership while strengthening their relationships, as Edsmen. As students prepare for midterms and the break to follow, many are excited for the new opportunities and freedoms that a new year grants. The events and experiences of 2017 will forever be a part of us, as a community and as a country going forward.