SEHS Achieves at MHSMUN16 by Mr. Michael Perrins


This past weekend the inaugural Mentor High School Model UN Crisis Conference (MHSMUN16) was held. St. Edward High School had ten intrepid participants in what is a new event on the MUNiverse calendar in NorthEast Ohio. SEHS MUN participants at this event included Carter Evard (11), John Ham (9), Fraser Hamilton (11), Owen Kranz (11), Richard Perrins (9), Jack Schulte (11), Logan Sindone (9), John Swansinger (10), Hunter Wagner (9), and James Welch (10).
Anthony Perrins (11) also attended as an Observer on Saturday to investigate how this structure might work in some way for our own CLEIMUN17 Conference in February.
All of our participants acquitted themselves well in a format that had some as political Cabinet members for the USA, Turkey, or Syria and some as UN Security Council delegates. The scenario they had to deal with was the ongoing crisis in Syria.
Sophomore John Swansinger won two Awards (“Honorable Mention” and “Delegates’ Award”) in his role as Vice-President Joe Biden in the US Cabinet. Junior Owen Kranz– in his first-ever MUN event– impressed in his role as the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs, also winning an “Honorable Mention” Award. Congratulations to SEHS Model UN!