King of the MAC by Ethan Diedrich ’20




The Western Michigan Broncos have had themselves a great year so far. After defeating Akron 41-0 this past Saturday, the Broncos now are the only undefeated team in the Mid-American Conference and are the favored team to win the MAC championship this December. With a record of 7-0, the Broncos have had big wins this season against Northwestern and Illinois, two great programs out of the Big 10 conference. Western Michigan is now sitting at the number 24 spot in the college football rankings and is expected to move up. The Broncos have proven that they are capable of playing with the big boys on the block in college football and will be playing hard the rest of the way to have a chance at a big bowl game appearance. With Michigan State having a terrible season this year, the Michigan Wolverines and the Western Michigan Broncos are the alphas in the state of Michigan.

Head coach of the Broncos, P.J. Fleck, has become the face of the MAC with his enthusiasm and inspiration to not only his team, but for the sport in general. Fleck played college ball at Northern Illinois and played as an NFL receiver for the San Francisco 49ers for one year as an undrafted player. The team’s motto, row the boat, was established his first year as the Broncos head coach in 2012. Fleck came up with this motto to better his team and to give them the inspiration to work and play harder. The motto’s meaning is about how rowers have to work together to row a boat to the finish line. Just like in football, the players need to work together and play focused to win the game. This has been a motto that the Western Michigan players are proud to live by and are having fun playing under Fleck. This confidence is a potential ticket to not only a MAC championship appearance, but also a ticket to play in a very big bowl game. With the intensity this football team brings to the table, there is no MAC team that can take down this Bronco team.