College Football Week 3 Marquee Matchup: (3) Ohio State v. (14) Oklahoma by Logan Wiggenhorn ’18


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In a big time early season matchup the 3rd ranked Ohio State Buckeyes take on the 14th ranked Oklahoma Sooners. It is the game the Buckeyes have been looking forward to all offseason, this being the first test they will have this year. Ohio State has taken down Bowling Green, and Tulsa easily by a score of 77-10, and took down Tulsa 48-3 in a prolonged game because of lightning. This game is going to take place in Norman, Oklahoma in front of a sell out crowd. Ohio State rented out Oklahoma’s basketball arena for a tailgate, and tickets to it sold out quickly. This game could very well be a classic. Oklahoma is 1-1 losing in week 1 to the Houston Cougars in an outstanding game, and easily beat Louisiana Monroe.

During the week the backup, yes backup, QB for Oklahoma Austin Kendall pretty much said Ohio State’s defense is not very impressive, and Baker Mayfield who placed fourth in the Heisman voting last year will “light them up.” This should light a fire under Ohio State’s defense and they play even better than they have already this season. Maybe Austin Kendall should worry more about his cap and headset, than talking trash to one of the best defenses and best teams in the country. While Baker Mayfield has been less than impressive this year, he is still a very good QB who could pose a major threat to Ohio State, and is a headache to any defensive coordinator in the country. Ohio State has looked very impressive this year, while against mediocre opponents, the Boomer Sooners are definitely not mediocre, but look for the Bucks to impress people and prove they are the real deal during this game. You can catch this game on FOX at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night. This will certainly be a game that you would want to watch, a back and forth battle that will be a great cap to an amazing slate of games for week 3.