Don’t Do It Vikings: Nix a Kaepernick Trade by Jared Ashdown ’18

Dont Do It Vikings: Nix a Kaepernick Trade by Jared Ashdown 18


After suffering a brutal knee and ACL injury that will keep him sidelined for the year, Teddy Bridgewater should remain the franchise quarterback of the Vikings for the future. While his growth will be stunted and the season is over for the Vikings, they need to continue building for the future as most young quarterbacks hit their peaks in their 4th season. While many have thrown out names like Glennon, McCown, and Cassel, the name thrown out the most has been 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. There could not be a worse option for quarterback of the Vikings than him. His lack of leadership, non-charismatic personality, lack of interest to play football, hefty contract, and lack of success on the field makes him a player that you cannot fall in love with. Not to mention his necessary yet disrespectful controversy about the national anthem. While we understand his electric running abilities and strong arm, please remember there is a reason he is the backup to Blaine Gabbert. This offseason the Vikings acquired former St. Edward and 49ers offensive guard Alex Boone, who does not have a fond opinion of Kaepernick. Boone also heavily criticized his former teammate Kaepernick about his decision to sit through the national anthem, asking him to show some (expletive) respect. Minnesota would not be doing themselves or new offensive lineman Alex Boone by acquiring him. It’s necessary to remember that the offensive line has to protect the quarterback, and if they do not like him the drive to protect him lessens by a landslide. Kaepernick– even before the anthem controversy– was the cause of a split in the 49ers locker room which is another crucial part of why they have been so unwatchable these past two years. If the Vikings acquire him, they’re getting an expensive one year rental player who could split up a very talented group of guys they worked so hard to get together.

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