Robert Griffin the 25th by Jared Ashdown ’18

August 8th, 2016: The Cleveland Browns have officially named Robert Griffin the 3rd their starting quarterback, the 25th since their return to the NFL in 1999. Robert, the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year in 2012 was the 2nd overall pick the previous draft going to the redskins who desperately needed a quarterback of the future. Robert showed all of his potential and more, he took a 2-7 team to 7 straight wins and a playoff appearance, which happened to be the first time that the won the NFC East since 1999. Robert had been limited in the playoff game vs the Seattle Seahawks and fellow rookie Russell Wilson but still put the skins up by 14 points, and then it happened. Robert while trying to recover a fumble due to a terrible snap, wrecked his knee and ACL.

That following season RG3 demanded to be utilized as a pocket passer and saw his career crumble to the point where he was forced to show up to games in street clothes as they named him inactive week after week. Kirk Cousins officially took his job, and he was now the franchise quarterback of the future. When Robert got released, many threw out names like Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, and New York Jets. While those teams may be more complete, Robert decided to go to Cleveland to try to revive his career under new head coach Hue Jackson, an offensive guru who’s dealt with quarterbacks like Andy Dalton, Carson Palmer, and Joe Flacco throughout the course of his career.

Robert is now the Browns starting quarterback, and while the games were preseason games with limited time, Robert did show some flair and old 2012 RG3 in the 2 games. The Browns will not win more than 6 games this year, but you are crazy if you’re not excited to see what RG3 can do if healthy.