Mr. Mark Giuliano '79: An FBI Eagle by Bobby Melcher '17


FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano ’79 addresses his fellow Eagles

This past Friday, the St. Edward community was honored to welcome home a fellow Eagle alum. Mr. Mark Giuliano, proud member of the Class of 1979, currently works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In fact, Mr. Giuliano holds the second most powerful position in the FBI as the Deputy Director. I found the man to be humble in speech. However, this did not confuse his direct message that his St. Edward career has helped him excel in the real world. The values of hard work and unwavering faith he illustrated were essential to him throughout his life, under all circumstances that he’s faced.
After Mr. Giuliano finished his brief speech, he opened up the floor to questions. One popular topic was, not surprisingly, Area 51. Obviously, this spurred other very “important” questions. “Have you seen Hillary’s emails?” or “Where are the tunnels that JFK snook Monroe in?” come to mind. Someone in the Junior class asked Mr. Giuliano, “Where is El Chapo?”No elaboration must be made.
Serious questions too were asked, concerning issues like the war on drugs and the threat of ISIS in the world. Many blessings and warm regards to Deputy Director Giuliano as he serves our country and represents St. Edward so proudly.