So Long Sweet Summer… Movie Reviews by Connor Ling '16


Tom Hardy as “Mad Max”

This summer’s movie season was full one, with tentpole blockbusters, surprise hits, and terrible bombs all present, so here are some of the best and worst films of Summer 2015.
Mad Max: Fury Road
Starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, this post-apocalyptic action thrillride was easily the best movie of the summer and, arguably, of the year up to this point. While the premise is extremely, director George Miller masterfully created one of the most gorgeous films of recent memory while also creating breath-taking action sequences that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.
While Marvel did release the sequel to one of the most successful movies of all time this summer, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it is actually Antman that established itself as being the best Marvel movie of the summer. With a surprisingly good performance from Paul Rudd as a thief-turned-superhero, great special effects, and more humor than any other Marvel film, this movie differentiated itself from the superhero pack and became one of this summer’s biggest hits.
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Following in the footsteps of the incredible Mission: Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation had big shoes to fill, but they may have even topped the franchise’s previous heights. Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt for another mission in perhaps the best movie of the entire Mission Impossible franchise. With incredible action sequences (including Tom Cruise actually hanging onto the side of a plane) and more humor than any movie in the series, Rogue Nation is one of the rare sequels that was able to take the success of the movies that came before it and build on it.
While there are dozens of movies that could go on this list, this Adam Sandler project managed to be worse than almost all of them. Outside of the decent special effects, there were no redeeming qualities of this movie, with the space invasion comedy not being able to conjure up even a handful of laughs. Plus, Kevin James played the president. Kevin James.
Hitman: Agent 47
Based off of the video game of the same name, this movie seems to simply be unaware of who it’s audience should be. Both too generic for fans of the source material and too boring for the average moviegoer, this movie failed to find its place on box office charts. With soulless performances and poor special effects, this movie was definitely one to miss.TH
Fantastic Four
Directed by Josh Trank and starring some of the best up-and-coming actors in Hollywood, this film was supposed to reinvigorate the franchise with a younger cast and a much darker tone than its predecessors. However, the final product failed on almost every level and left audiences wondering what they had just watched. The film was 90% exposition, and with horrible chemistry, laughable dialogue and special effects, and a villain who isn’t introduced until the final 15 minutes of the movie, this movie was clearly a casualty of the comic book movie studio machine. This is not only one of the worst superhero movies of all time, but also one of the worst movies of all time.