Moral Standards of Pro Athletes


Logan Wiggenhorn ‘18
With many cases of abuse that we are now hearing of in the NFL, the question comes up, do players really care what people think about them? The biggest case involves Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens halfback, who beat his wife in a casino elevator in February. Then there is Adrian Peterson, The Minnesota Vikings halfback, who beat his son with a switch (stick). Both Rice and Peterson are suspended from pay and play in the NFL (Ray Rice is suspended indefinitely). The NFL created a new policy before the season started stating that if any player got arrested they were going to be suspended for six games. A couple of days later Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers got arrested for domestic abuse and he was suspended for six games. Now the question arises, do you think any of these players care about what you think of them? Well also there is a new drug policy too. Big names that were suspended were the Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker and Josh Gordon the Browns wide receiver. Gordon has been caught countless times for using banned substances and was suspended for 16 games, but a new policy went into effect and he was able to join the Browns in their game against the Atlanta Falcons. Wes Welker was reinstated immediately after the policy was put into effect. With all of these cases of drug usage and abuse the NFL is not at their best at the moment. We can all hope that players get some sense and stop to make football an on the field sport only. No team should have to worry about somebody abusing a person or misusing drugs because it not only put a smudge on that team, but also the league as a whole.