Homecoming Preview

Bobby Kaleel ‘15 and Frank Geib ‘15
Let’s Get Relentless!!
In only a few days, SEHS students and their dates will embark on a journey unlike any other. They will ride the gusts of wind like leaves in the breeze. They will shout for joy like little kids going Trick or Treating on Halloween. They will dance. Dance. DANCE!
What were we just describing?
Only the hottest commodity in town, St. Edward Homecoming.
This years theme, Fall into Homecoming, is sure to be a great one.
Feel free to dress in fall colors, and maybe add some leaves as well.
The Senior Class Officers, Will Armbruster and Co., spent numerous sleepless nights and long road trips recruiting a DJ, and seem to have landed a 5 star prospect in Kolin Morgenstern.
The music will be on point, but will the dancing be as well?
Below is a list of Dancers you should keep your eye on for a breakout performance.
Keith Gordon – The veteran is considered a legend ever since his Michael Jackson-esque performance freshman year. The question remains if the old gun still has a few bullets left.
Sean Flannery – Though questionable due to his date being out of town, we still think this guy has some moves that are out of town as well. His quickness makes him a mid to late first round pick, but is still marked as questionable for the dance.
Devan Morrow – Although he is lanky and awkward, he controls his motion like a swan on a still lake. We expect a breakout dance for the Sophomore.
Jimmy the Freshman – Though we don’t even know his last name, the kid has proven he has potential at the Fall Rally, but the question still remains if he can perform under the lights.
Now, as the best and brightest dancers have been previewed, it it time to evaluate and predict students who don’t quite have the moves and are being dubbed as Homecoming “Hosers”.
Brandon Lerch – This man tops the bottom of the list. Many would think that in his fourth year he would realize how lackluster his moves truly are, however, Lerch finds himself as a Hoser due to his ignorance on his ability, or lack there of, to dance. He also makes some questionable decisions off the dance floor, including his outfit last year, purchasing a full white suit with a matching white hat.
Carl Jones – ‘Apple Juice’ may look the part but is known to fall apart under pressure. No one can forget the failed worm attempt of 2013 and we can only expect another horrendous effort this season.
Mason McManamon – The kid has once been considered a younger Brandon Lerch. However, still only a sophomore, he has a chance to pull himself out of the pit and make a new name for himself. Yet, many still believe McManamon will fall deeper into a sophomore slump.
Anonymous – This spot is a toss up. What freshman wants to make their name as the “Hoser” of their class. You could potentially go down in history with the infamous “Dan Lentz”, “Julius Sciarrapa”, and many more. Show your brutal moves, and be a hoser this year.
All in all this homecoming is a must see. Keep an eye out for the breakout dancers, and keep a phone out to record the hosers. Show your moves, fall into homecoming, and most of all get relentless!