Meet the New Faculty of SEHS


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Meet One of St. Edward High School’s Most Interesting Families

Andrew Copa ‘15
If you haven’t had the chance to meet Mr. Perrins, you are truly missing out. Mr. Perrins is one of St. Edward’s new faculty members for the 2014-2015 school year, and he is perhaps one of the most unique faculty members this school has to offer. Mr. Perrins, along with his wife, who also works at the school, and their son Anthony, who is a freshman this year, moved to the greater Cleveland area this year from the United Kingdom. Before moving to Avon this year, the Perrins family lived in Hertford, a city located twenty miles north of London. In Hertford, Mr. Perrins was a teacher at Haileybury College, a school for children aged 11-18.
Now, here at St. Ed’s, Mr. Perrins is St. Edward High School’s official International Advisor. Mr. Perrins is also an I.B. Specialist, history teacher, and the Model United Nations moderator. His wife, Mrs. Perrins, is also an I.B. advisor at the school, but she was once an English teacher in England. The Perrins family found out about St. Ed’s through Dr. Good, who is a close friend of Mr. Perrins. They decided to move their whole family here to become a part of the St. Edward community. Mr. Perrins, Mrs. Perrins, and their son Anthony are all truly enjoying their time at St. Edward High School so far. When asked about his thoughts on the school, Mr. Perrins responded with, “I’m impressed. It’s a great atmosphere.” Mr. Perrins went on to discuss how he admired how focused the community is not only on success in the classroom, but also on social and sporting events too.
Mrs. Perrins went on to exclaim how polite and friendly the community has been so far. Their son, Anthony, is also enjoying his time here at his new school. When asked what his favorite part of St. Ed’s has been so far, Anthony responded by telling me about his great experience as a part of the St. Edward soccer program. Anthony has thoroughly enjoyed his time as a center back for the JV team who are unbeaten this season.
When asked about the biggest differences between life in the U.S. and life in the U.K., the Perrins family responded in three different ways. Mrs. Perrins was impressed with the community focus and teamwork that she has found present here in the U.S. Mr. Perrins elaborated on this point by saying that here in the U.S., there is a much greater emphasis on pride for one’s city. Anthony responded by saying that here in the U.S. everyone wakes up much earlier to go to school and work. If you have not had the chance to meet Mr. Perrins, Mrs. Perrins, or their son Anthony, I highly recommend taking the time to come to know one of St. Edward High School’s most unique families.

Meet Mr. Sison

Sison 2
John Hayes ’17
Although Mr. Sison has yet to experience a full quarter of a St. Edward school year, he feels he has already been fully accepted and supported by the St. Edward Community.  The new theology teacher last taught at an inner-city school in Detroit called Cristo Rey High School. He says the transition from Detroit to an established suburban school has been an extreme one. Despite the radical transition to a different city, a new school, and a new community, he feels he is right at home. He says the St. Edward students and staff have been incredibly supportive. Mr. Sison is amazed at the school unity St. Edward possesses. The great sense of brotherhood sticks out to him and makes him feel part of the community. One example of brotherhood Mr. Sison notices is when students cheer for one another in the classroom. The fact that St. Edward brotherhood is strong enough to make a huge change so easy for a new teacher truly shows the reach and effect of St. Edward school spirit.
Jurell Sison is not new to Cleveland, however. He was locally born and raised, and he attended John Carroll University where he majored in English Literature and Theology. Mr. Sison has become very comfortable with teaching at St. Ed’s. The passion and excitement he brings to the classroom is truly remarkable His favorite part of leading a theology class is when the concept finally “clicks” in the students’ heads. He enjoys using technology in the classroom. Mr. Sison makes excellent use of the students’ 1:1 devices and applies videos, as well as interactive technology, to the classroom.
It is obvious that Mr. Sison is very passionate about theology. One who visits his video blog or speaks with him in person will certainly agree. As Mr. Sison said, “If there’s one thing I’m convinced of, it’s that stories in the bible were true for the people then and people now”.
Mr. Sison is not confined to the classroom, however. He has several hobbies, most of which are centered on the arts. He enjoys filmmaking and believes art is a huge part of human life. He also likes to spend time with loved ones and getting to know them better.  Mr. Sison is excited to be a part of the St. Edward community, and he will certainly fit in with the other enthusiastic theology teachers.